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The simplest way to make rose essential oil at home

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Rose essential oil has long been known as a “magic elixir” to help women maintain beauty and youthfulness. With the development of science and technology, today rose essential oil is also used by people to create fragrance for living and working space to become more luxurious and classy. If you want to make your own jar of pure rose essential oil for beauty or use with an essential oil sprayer , do not miss the article shared by Kodo!

Raw materials prepared for making pure rose essential oil

To make a jar of pure essential oil, you need to prepare the necessary ingredients as follows:

How to make rose essential oil

Instructions on how to make the simplest rose essential oil at home

  • Roses: choose about 20 to 30 fresh roses. You should choose budding flowers because it will get more essential oils. ,? Do not choose flowers that are stamped or about to freckle.
  • Clean water: 3 small cups
  • 1 bowl resists heat well.
  • 1 bag of stones.
  • 1 glass jar for pure rose essential oil.

Simple steps to make rose essential oil at home

Distillation of rose essential oil is not too complicated but requires meticulousness and care in each step of implementation. To have a jar of pure essential oil, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Place the heat-resistant bowl in a pot, then proceed to separate the rose petals into the pot, arranged in a circle around the bowl. Note: do not take stamped petals as it may affect the quality of rose essential oil.

Cách làm tinh dầu hoa hồng 4

Distillation of rose essential oil is not too complicated but requires meticulousness and care

  • Step 2: Put water in a pot (do not allow water to spill into the bowl) and cover upside down. Then start boiling, when the water starts to boil, proceed to lower the heat and put ice on the lid of the pot. The rising steam drags the rose essential oil, which when encountered with cold will condense and fall into the bowl placed in the middle of the pot. Because when the water boils, ice will melt very quickly, so you pay attention to adding ice continuously to get essential oils at maximum levels.
  • Step 3: When the water is almost empty, turn off the burner, open the lid of the pot, the amount of pure rose essential oil obtained is in the bowl. However, it is possible that essential oils are still mixed with water. This essential oil is light, so it will float to the top, you decant the rose essential oil and put it in a glass bottle. So there is already a jar of pure rose essential oil!

For long-term use, you can store rose essential oil in the refrigerator cooler. The color of homemade essential oils may not be as beautiful as the types of products sold in the market. However, in terms of use and fragrance, it will not change. Therefore, you can safely use pure rose essential oil to beautify or bring to the living and working space a sweet fragrance of flowers.

How to make rose essential oil 1

Pure rose essential oil helps the space have a sweet fragrance of flowers

Making yourself a jar of essential oil to use is wonderful, isn’t it? However, not everyone has a lot of time to be able to perform all the above stages. Not only that, if you buy roses in the market, it is easy to buy sprayed ones.

If you do not choose ingredients carefully, it will affect the quality of essential oils. In particular, during the use of the product may cause allergies, irritation, adverse health effects.

One of the most comprehensive solutions to help you save time and effort while still having jars of pure rose essential oil is to use Kodo’s premium natural essential oil . Let’s discover the special things in each jar of Kodo rose essential oil what’s interesting!

Kodo rose essential oil – the scent speaks of class

In Kodo, you will have the opportunity to discover the aroma of rose essential oil from different regions. Each jar of essential oil contains in itself a unique and new fragrance that makes users fall in love and delusion. If you want your working and resting space to become luxurious and classy, Kodo rose essential oil is the perfect choice.

How to make rose essential oil 5

Each jar of essential oil hides in itself a unique and new fragrance

Making an impression from the first moment with fragrance is the most effective method. Imagine, a visitor who has just arrived in your business space has been greeted with a sweet, delicate rose scent. At this time, their spirit will be more relaxed and comfortable, so the chances of selling will be much higher!

Not only that, fragrance is also one of the important factors to affirm the status and class of a personal brand. At the same time, improve the value of services and products that you want to bring to your guests. This is the art of marketing – scent marketing that many good entrepreneurs are applying and achieving certain success.

Currently, Kodo is bringing to its treasured tastes the following premium rose essential oils:

How to make rose essential oil 3

Kodo offers customers a wide choice of scents

  • Gaysorn Champa essential oil: filled with fragrant flower gardens with Chamomile and Geranium heads, jasmine and Lavender and orange and rose notes.
  • Rose & White Musk essential oil: The top flavor is a combination of Red Fruits and Saffron. Rose’s sweet middle notes and last notes are Patchouli, Oud, Amber.
  • Pear and Fressia essential oils: The first is Lemon and Peach, the middle is Rose and Jasmine, and the last is warm by Patchouli and Musk.
  • Oriental Siam Wood essential oil: The top aroma is the freshness of Orange, Green note. The middle fragrance is made up of Iris, Rose, Spicy and the last is Agarwood, Amber Musk.
  • Purple Oud essential oil: The first notes are Bergamot and Saffron, the middle is Rose and Patchouli, and the warm end is Sandalwood and Amber.
  • White Rose Essential Oil: The first flavor is cinnamon leaf, followed by the fragrance between Lily and Patchouli, the last is Vanilla

Each fragrance of Kodo is created from high-quality ingredients, bringing a unique scent that is difficult for any other brand to match. With roses, the creators of Kodo have combined with many rare extracts. Undergoing strict processing, creating quality essential oil bottles with an irresistible fragrance. All that can be is only Kodo premium essential oil.

How to make rose essential oil 2

Each fragrance of Kodo is created from premium ingredients

Through the above article, hope to help you know how to make rose essential oil at home. However, if you are too busy, do not have much time, Kodo rose essential oil will be a great suggestion for you! Kodo essential oil will bring to your space a gentle, delicate fragrance but extremely luxurious and classy. Kodo essential oil – a comprehensive solution for living and working space to become the most ideal!


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