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The delicate fragrance of Kodo in the civilized city of Sala

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Kodo Vietnam’s scent system contributes to the luxurious urban picture, fresh air and pervasive fragrance in Sala residential areas. Residential areas are places where there are always many people coming in and out, so it is necessary to pay attention to the scent in the air. Especially for high-end places, residents have high requirements for all details. Choosing a kodo fragrance supplier is always the right choice for building managers, discerning project investors. Today, follow us to discover the secret of fragrance in Saigon’s new urban area.

Sala civilized urban area

Located in the center of Thu Thiem new urban area, Sala has a fresh and natural living environment, surrounded by vast ecological green forests. Beautiful, harmoniously built houses interspersed with tree-lined streets make the living environment here in harmony with nature. The architecture of the modern urban area is out of the question, offering each resident a wonderful enjoyable experience.

With synchronous planning, luxurious and sophisticated design, fresh unique landscape, cool riverside climate, Sala has become a place where all elites converge, forming a model urban area, bringing outstanding quality of life to the most civilized and classy residential community.

Image of Sala urban area

The residences are known as Saroma villas; Sari Town; Sarica Condominium; Sarina condominium, Sarimi; Sadora high-rise apartments have gradually formed, gathering people to move in, making the urban area become busy, shops and high-end shops are constantly springing up. Sala urban area has really risen to become the top liveable and dream urban area in Ho Chi Minh City.

Exquisite Kodo fragrance collection

Kodo Vietnam’s scent system and the delicate fragrance Kodo Gaysorn Champa Fragrance have been equipped in all entrance halls of the buildings, as the owner warmly welcomes and extends to welcome visitors. That impression was deep and unforgettable.

For residents here, every day when returning home, all fatigue disappears to outside, thanks to the scent system to create relaxation and calmness, regenerating mental health significantly. Build a warm environment for peaceful homes, where members return and connect with each other in love.

Fragrance is a seemingly unimportant factor, but in fact, it is proven that scent affects people’s emotions a lot. One can see love and hate with just a fleeting scent. One gets a good or bad impression just of the fragrance in the atmosphere. Are you an investor of many luxury apartments? The attention to detail not only shows your sophistication but also shows the professional level. Don’t ignore the scent factor in your living and working area!

The collection of more than 100 scents of kodo fragrance gives you the freedom to choose according to your preferences and needs. For high-end, newly built buildings serving residents, choose gentle, warm smells. There are also sweet, playful fragrances for the weekends. Or the intoxicating scent on the big holidays of the year. Whatever the type of scent, it is a pure finished product. They are created from more than 50 of the finest ingredients. The blended fragrance layers bring indescribable positive emotions.


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