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Spatial fragrance Elevate the level

Kodo provides a full package of special scent design solutions, suitable for each business. Thereby creating a unique mark for the brand, in order to achieve the purpose of captivating their customers. SELL or RENT scent diffuser systems, including pure essential oils and specialized essential oil diffusers. Meet all requirements of space, all types of businesses and budgets

  • Hotel/Resort
  • Entertainment Services
  • Restaurant/Lounge
  • Gym/Yoga Club
  • Shopping malls
  • Showroom/Shop
  • Convention/Exhibition Center
  • Office Building
  • Beauty Salon/Spa
  • Medical - Health Services


Scent Marketing for Hotel/Resort

Exclusive fragrance

  • In the hotel industry, first impressions matter. When a guest enters your hotel, the aroma of the main lobby determines that guest’s first impression.
  • This is because scent has a direct effect on the parts of the brain that are responsible for our emotions.
  • More and more hotels are taking advantage of this reality. They deploy fragrance to create an atmosphere of pleasantness and comfort.
  • Professional scent solutions help to pick up your guests and complete their stay in an exceptionally efficient way as your guests will feel comfortable and satisfied in a certain place and happy to be back.

The effect of scent solutions in hotels

  • The scent concept of Kodo alters the quality of the air and environment, we can see the welfare of your term and guests increase dramatically.
  • In a pleasantly clean and fresh environment, your customers feel better and are more likely to return.
  • Create a unique scent for each of your hotels and effectively advertise and reinforce your brand.

Entertainment service

Scent Marketing for the Entertainment Service Industry

Stronger than cigarettes:

  • Create a pleasant atmosphere in every room that helps your employees and customers feel great whether they smoke or not.
  • Even most smokers do not get stuck in the smoke, the room stinks. With the fragrance solution by Kodo, the bad smell and unpleasant smell of the smoking room are ignored and become a thing of the past.
  • Essential oils contain both antibacterial and disinfectant properties thanks to their neutral concentration. That means the persistent smell of cigarettes is effectively removed from the air and keeps the room fresh and clean.

Effectiveness of fragrance in bars, clubs, gambling rooms, karaoke bars:

  • Fade and limit cigarette odors, creating a fresher and more luxurious environment.
  • Environmental and air quality is changing and evolving.
  • Professional fragrance solutions appear, basically to contribute to making your business more convenient and beneficial.


Scent Marketing for Restaurants/Lounges

Awaken customers’ appetite

  • In the food industry sales can increase significantly just because of the targeted use of fragrance and in the end what we see most clearly is that our nose determines everything we want to eat.
  • Fragrance has a direct impact on our tactile system and extends into sensation. So using fragrance tools effectively will make your products more attractive to customers.
  • Fragrance solutions are most effective in selling food. You can successfully communicate with your target group of customers, present your selling point, and at the same time use a special scent to attract their attention to your proposed product.
    Whether you’re in a restaurant or a grocery store – our fragrances will help you create an environment where your customers stay longer in the store in a happy state.

The effectiveness of using aroma solutions in the food technology industry

  • The amount of time a customer stays, creating the possibility of a customer making a purchase. Therefore, the number of orders is also significantly increased thanks to the fragrance solution in your sales space.
  • A familiar scent will help set your product apart from the competition.
  • Reduces disruptive odors (e.g., empty plastic bags, pet food) to give customers a cleaner, fresher shopping experience.

Gym/Yoga Club

Scent Marketing for Gym/Yoga Club

Fitness centers need to smell good

  • Almost all gym-goers develop unavoidable unpleasant odors as a result of their workouts. Kodo’s professional scent dispersal system can knock them out with ease. Welcome your customers with a fresh and clean scent that will satisfy them.
  • We created a special scent specifically for fitness centers. In closed spaces (e.g. fitting rooms) the smell of sweat and body odor is strong, using natural aroma essential oils will neutralize and replace that odor with a fresh, stimulating scent. body activity.
  • By creating individual fragrances for each room they will stimulate the imaginative brain. Customers perceive that special scent with their own senses and over a long period of time it will be ingrained in their subconscious with a pleasing scent effect.

The effectiveness of aroma marketing strategies in gyms

  • Create a hygienic impression and your customers will perceive your space in a more positive light.
  • In a fresh environment, your customers will feel better and more special and your brand will go further thanks to your customers.

Shopping malls

Scent Marketing for Shopping Mall

Proper fragrance increases sales.

  • As soon as your customer enters your sales room, he will decide whether to enter or not, and he will feel comfortable being there or not.
  • You can make this first impression by implementing a proven scent to make your customers want to shop.
  • Using the creation of professional scent solutions, the amount of time customers spend in the sales department and the number of spontaneous purchases increase sharply.
  • Scent solutions stimulate customer interest in certain products and inspire them to make purchases easier.

The effect of fragrance solutions in retail stores

  • Scent marketing goals increase your customers’ willingness to buy.
  • Customers feel comfortable in your sales department and want to come back.
  • A scent that suits your company will be an unmistakable connection between your company and your brand.


Scent Marketing for Showrooms

People visiting the display will use all their senses to evaluate the product

  • Highlight the special features of the products on display effectively. Besides, exploiting the ingredients in the fragrance to make the surrounding atmosphere pleasant, this helps retain customers while considering your product.
  • In fact, choosing the right scent can make potential customers feel restless, queasy, and ultimately make a purchasing decision.
  • Kodo’s scent marketing is not limited to the scent of the entire showroom but also includes solutions specific to the product category, as well as increasing the premium impression of the product.

The effect of scent marketing at the showroom

  • Significantly increase the amount of time each customer spends visiting.
  • Highlights the surrounding atmosphere in showrooms and display spaces.

Many studies show that customers often visit fragrant stores longer, and increase their shopping readiness by up to 15%.

Convention/Exhibition Center

Scent Marketing for Fairs, Exhibitions, Events

Attendees of the event will have a special interest in the hosting space

  • Highlight the space for events, conferences and exhibitions effectively. Increase the attention and interest of guests when participating in the event.
  • Kodo’s marketing scent is not limited to scent for space but also includes topical solutions, seminars, conferences or fairs.

The effect of Scent Marketing at the event

  • Significantly increase the amount of time each client stays, as well as inspire attendees or focus attention when listening to speakers.
  • Your company-specific fragrance will impress customers from all over.

Office Building

Scent Marketing for Buildings/Offices

Scent motivates people

  • The important factor that helps your employees stay alert and energetic or tired and exhausted is the atmosphere in the office.
  • Kodo’s aromatic essential oils for offices and meeting rooms ensure a clean, cool atmosphere where employees feel better and are energized.

Effects of scenting marketing in the office:

  • Essential oils for the office can increase employees’ concentration levels and improve working status significantly.
  • A comfortable office environment also contributes to increased communication between employees.
  • Natural air-cleaning essential oils can also improve employee health, which reduces the number of sick days they take.

Air purification can greatly stimulate the working state of employees. For example, in Japan, the scent of lemon in the office energizes employees, even in the face of dull work. The level of errors at work also decreased by more than 54%. (Source: Martin Schiansky “Scent marketing with all senses” page 97). By using lavender and peppermint essential oils, productivity increased by 15% in Italian companies (Mentzel, Scent and Marketing, page 22).

Beauty Salon/Spa

Scent Marketing for Beauty Salons and Spas

The scent of relaxation, of emotions

  • Ensuring the scent spreads throughout the space at beauty salons and spas is an indispensable requirement of this type of business. The first impression that brings a feeling of relaxation and comfort as soon as you enter is especially important. And will influence 50% of their decision to choose the service, as well as their future return.
  • This is because scent has a direct effect on the part of the brain that is responsible for creating human emotions.
  • Today, this marketing tool proves to be even more effective. Beauty salons and spas always research and exploit the features of scent to bring a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere to customers.

Effects of “scent marketing” for beauty salons and spas:

  • Kodo’s concept of freshening is to enhance customers’ positive attitudes towards your services, as well as improve air quality overall.
  • Kodo provides a collection of thousands of incense with the most suitable warm and relaxing tones to ensure customers will feel comfortable and close, making it easier for them to come back.
  • Kodo is ready to provide a unique scent for you to create your own mark and greatly support the recognition and strengthening of your brand.

Medical-Health Services

Scent Marketing for the Medical – Health service industry

Fragrance helps reduce anxiety, increase customer confidence and emotions

  • With the increasing development of the medical service industry, customers have the right to choose the address, space, and doctor they consider trustworthy.
  • Gone are the days when going into the clinic and feeling stressed because of the hospital smell.
  • The development trend of the medical and health industry is increasingly expanding in many fields: general practice, dentistry, therapy,…

The effectiveness of fragrance marketing strategies in the Medical – Health service industry

  • Create a hygienic impression and your customers will perceive your space in a more positive light.
  • In a cool-smelling environment, it helps reduce stress and anxiety in customers’ hearts, making the process of caring for and treating your customers more convenient.
  • Fragrance helps employees working in a medical service environment maintain balanced health and psychological comfort.


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