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Professional Diffuser For Business

Aroma Diffuser Machines for Businesses: Perfect for Brand Experience and Space Elegance. Trusted by fashion brands like Sixdo, Rolex, Gigamall, Bvlgari, Tràng Tiền Palaza, Citygym, and more

Introducing our line of commercial aroma diffuser machines


Why Businesses Need to Use Aroma Diffusers

Kodo offers a variety of essential oil diffuser machines for businesses with diverse designs and large diffusion areas, covering up to 100,000 square meters, suitable for all spaces.


Kodo’s diffuser machines can generate millions of water vapor molecules, allowing them to disperse quickly into the air. In just a few minutes, pure essential oils can evenly permeate the entire space.

The soothing aroma has a positive impact on human mood. Therefore, essential oil diffusers make the air more pleasant and help eliminate unpleasant odors, creating a more relaxing atmosphere.


Instructions for Using the Commercial Machine Series


  • Step 1: Choose your favorite essential oil and pour it into the machine’s oil reservoir without diluting it with water. To create compressed air pressure that turns the liquid oil into a mist, avoid overfilling the oil reservoir. Kodo recommends filling it up to only 2/3 capacity.

  • Step 2: Set up the operation and select the automatic pumping mode. The machine will operate based on the programmed settings, dispersing the aromatic essential oil as a fine mist. During use, you can adjust the amount of oil, the level of fragrance diffusion, and the usage time as needed.

  • Step 3: While using the essential oil diffuser machine, pay attention to safety and avoid running the machine continuously in maximum diffusion mode for an extended period. Ensure that the power outlet is secure and not too close to windows or in the path of blowing winds. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Target Users

Suitable for businesses, restaurants, fashion brands, hotels, bars, gyms, shopping centers, office buildings, and apartments. 

Notes for Using the Commercial Essential Oil Diffuser Machines


The market is seeing an increasing variety of essential oil diffuser machines with diverse brands, designs, sizes, colors, and more. However, with the market boom, the issue of counterfeit and imitation products is also on the rise, often offered at surprisingly low prices.



    Do not attempt to repair the machine on your own.

If you don’t have a clear understanding of how the essential oil diffuser machine works, attempting to repair it on your own may result in issues with its performance or even complete damage. DIY repairs that cause damage to the essential oil diffuser machine can lead to higher repair costs or the need to purchase a new machine. Kodo’s technical team is always ready to provide support for you.


    Select fragrances oil

To select the suitable essential oil for your essential oil diffuser machine, you need to determine the purpose of use and the preferences of your customers. For instance, if you run a spa business, you can consider the Natural Kodo collection. With a harmonious blend of pleasant scent layers, it brings relaxation to customers, featuring scents such as orange, mint, or lemongrass


Scent Marketing Solutions for Each Industry


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