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About us


History Kodo


Kodo has become a trend among the Japanese aristocracy and has evolved into a custom of filling the air with the aroma of incense. The scent is created by combining various plant materials with extracts from fragrant-containing botanicals. Inspired by this age-old Japanese tradition, Kodo Fragrance House was born

Kodo Fragrance House was founded in Japan


Creating the first fragrance formula


Establishing the Kodo business and marketing department in Vietnam.


Kodo Fragrance House was renamed to Kodo International Fragrances PTE LTD


Establishing business offices in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Thailand


Kodo Fragrance House was founded in Japan


Establishing the Fragrance House in Thailand.


Kodo's representative office in Germany was established


Fragrance House Singapore was founded and relocated its headquarters to Singapore


Opening business offices in the United States and Switzerland

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Các nhà làm nước hoa sáng tạo ra những mùi hương độc đáo, dựa trên câu chuyện về thương hiệu và sản phẩm để tạo ra dấu ấn riêng và có hiệu quả nhất.


Scenting Your World


Kodo International Fragrances is a leading brand of space fragrances from Japan, boasting a collection of over 1000 perfume oils and more than 100 natural essential oils. Each fragrance from Kodo is intricately crafted, delivering exquisite and pure scents

Kodo offers comprehensive bespoke fragrance design solutions that are adaptable to the unique needs of every business. With the honor of being the fragrance solution provider for many renowned brands, Kodo provides superior solutions for all spatial requirements, business types, and usage purposes.

Mission Kodo

Kodo International Fragrances is a creative hub for crafting fragrances that narrate the stories of our clients. We seek various ways to create new levels of value by accompanying our clients on a consultative journey to enhance their customer experience. We unearth hidden narratives and transform them into unforgettable sensations and memories that define the essence of the intimate relationship between businesses and their customers

Vision Kodo


Our goal is to be recognized in the market for providing a customer-centric experience through fragrances that turn every business into a captivating story. Customers appreciate our uniqueness and trust us as a partner and consultant for expressing their brand. Our greatest opportunity lies in businesses understanding the importance of creating olfactory icons, a key element to add value to their brand and make it instantly recognizable

Quality standards

All our oils and diffusers are certified and tested by reputable international organizations. We only use high-quality, clearly-sourced materials that are directly imported from Japan, Singapore, and Thailand. Our oils do not contain any harmful substances and adhere to the strict standards of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).


Our automated quality control system ensures consistent quality that exceeds customer expectations.

Development Kodo

While the fragrances achieve the utmost sophistication, strength, and novelty, the production costs are perfectly controlled to ensure affordability.


Kodo Fragrance’s technology expanded to Thailand after strategic global-scale investments. Kodo International Fragrances was born from here

Globalize Kodo

With a global brand aspiration, Kodo is currently building strong business teams in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Taiwan.

In 2024, we will expanded into the markets in the United States, Switzerland, and the Philippines.


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