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Marketing using incense


Why is Scent Marketing gradually becoming a trend?

First, let’s find out what “Scent Marketing” is.

Scent Marketing – Scent Marketing is more than just perfuming spaces.

Scent marketing is the strategic use of fragrance to diffuse to a customer’s olfactory touchpoint. The right fragrance and strategy will communicate brand identity to customers more easily. Scent marketing increases sales recognition, sales, and brand loyalty by creating unique experiences for customers.

So why Scent Marketing - Fragrance marketing is gradually becoming a trend.

A- The science of marketing using incense:

To really understand what scent marketing is capable of, you must understand the science of scent.

  • Humans can distinguish more than 1000 billion different scents.
  • Humans perceive scent through at least 1000 receptors.
  • The science of scent harnesses the brain’s response to scent to communicate intangible ideas.
  • The science that studies the human olfactory system is a collision of biology and physics.

Fragrance is the bridge between your customers and what you want them to think of your business.

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B- Consumer psychology

  • Consumers are more emotional and emotional in the buying and consumption process (The Economist, 2008)
  • Affection, perception, pleasure are more important than price because today’s products are quite similar technically (Lindstrom Research, 2005)
  • NTD increases interest in the product/service when stimulated by 1 or more senses.

C- Developmental Sensory Marketing

Consumer retention time through sensory marketing for 1 week (*)

Studies show that 60% of consumers choose a brand as their first choice if it appeals to four to five senses. And 75% of our emotions are created by what we smell.
(Mail Media Center, 2009)

(*) According to research released by The Sense of Smell Institute

D- Scent Marketing Benefits - Scent Marketing for Businesses

The more you understand how the science of scent works, the more you want your business to reap the benefits of it.

According to a Shopify article, scent marketing has grown into a billion-dollar business spanning multiple industries.

Here are the benefits of Scent Marketing for businesses

Consumer retention time through sensory marketing for 1 week (*)

  • Build Value: Customers (KH) perceive the scent area as more high-end and luxurious.
  • Increase shopper dwell time- Increase shopping experience: Customers stay at least 15 minutes on average at scent spots.
  • Improve employee productivity & satisfaction: Improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction.
  • Promote a theme or product – Introduce a product or highlight a topic to advertise: The fragrance will adorn the space intentionally, making customers easily think of another space, or visualize the product as clearly as advertisers want.
  • Make your business safer, heathier & cleaner: through new air filtration and cleaning technology.

Scent Marketing is the easiest way to make your customer experience more noticeable. Build emotional connections, improve brand awareness, and increase sales instantly.

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