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Kodo - Scenting your world

Scent Marketing: The use of fragrance in marketing has become highly developed because scents have a powerful impact on customers’ sense of smell. An effective scent strategy can deliver outstanding business results.

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Rental Service: Kodo consults and provides professional fragrance solutions to customers. We support customers in saving costs, time, and operational efforts. Our technical team is always ready to provide 24/7 support.

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Kodo Diffusers: Our range of  diffusers from the Kodo brand features the latest Japanese technology, suitable for all customer needs and usage goals

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Fragrances: With a 35-year heritage from Japan, high purity, and carefully selected ingredients that meet safety standards such as IFRA, Quatest3, COA, and more

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Kodo fragrance comes from Japan

Kodo, or “Way of Incense,” is a part of Japanese culture and is considered one of the classical and refined arts of Japan that has been practiced for thousands of years

Customer Kodo

With the desire to globalize the Kodo brand, we have been building strong business teams in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Austria, Singapore, and Taiwan


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