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Diffuser series for home

The home series creates a fragrant and relaxing space, helping you feel comfortable and reducing stress. The use of essential oil diffusers in the bedroom or bathroom will help you have a better sleep and improve your health.

About diffusers for home

Why use a diffuser for home

Living space plays a very important role in our daily lives. Owning at least one product offers a lot of benefits. Kodo essential oil diffusers have the ability to purify the air in a room by removing harmful substances, bacteria and viruses. 

This helps reduce the risk of disease and improves the overall health of the family. Some Kodo essential oils contain mint, lavender, rose, lavender which helps increase concentration and reduce stress. Using an essential oil diffuser in a classroom or work area will help you be more productive.

Instructions for use of essential oil fumigators

Here are the steps to guide the use of essential oil diffusers for business to achieve the best effect:

  • Step 1: Choose your favorite essential oil and pour it into a container with a non-aqueous essential oil nebulizer. To create compressed air pressure of essential oils from liquid into gaseous form, you should not pour too much essential oil into the container. Kodo recommends pouring only 2/3 of the oil into the container.

  • Step 2: Install the operation and select the automatic pump mode. The machine will work according to the program and spray the aroma essential oil into a thin mist that rises. During use, you can customize the amount of essential oil, the level of fragrance and the time of use according to your needs.

  • Step 3: In the process of using the essential oil fumigator, you need to pay attention to safety and do not let the machine operate in maximum, continuous spray mode for too long. You also pay attention to the power outlet plugged in securely, not too close to the window or against the direction the wind blows. Avoid putting within the reach of the child

Suitable usage area

The line of diffusers for home is suitable for everyone. The machine can be placed easily in many spaces such as bedroom, living room, reading room, office …

Cautions for use

  • Do not repair the machine yourself

If you do not have sufficient knowledge about how the essential oil fumigators work, self-repair can lead to poor performance, or complete damage to the essential oil fumigator. When you repair an essential oil fumigator, it may not be covered by Kodo’s warranty. The technical team as well as customer care always support you 24/7.

  • Choosing the Right Essential Oil

The right essential oil selection is suitable with very important needs and preferences. If you want to place an essential oil diffuser in the bedroom, you should choose essential oils containing ingredients such as lavender, citrus or jasmine. 

In case you use a diffuser to increase your ability to concentrate, you should choose essential oils containing lemon, grapefruit, rosemary.

  • Limit the use of fans when using the machine

When using a fan during essential oil fumigation, the air flow will not only direct the wind, but also disrupt the essential oil diffusion process, causing unevenness in the dispersion of essential oils. This can lead to essential oils sticking to walls due to wind and cause the effect of the essential oil fumigators to be reduced. Therefore, if the fan is used at too strong a speed, it will lose the effectiveness of the essential oil fumigation process.

Instead, to increase the efficiency of the essential oil fumigation process, it is recommended to use essential oils in air-conditioned rooms because the essential oil’s ability to provide moisture is very good. This will help the essential oil fumigation process take place more evenly and effectively


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