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Large capacity KoDo essential oil diffuser at Vietcombank

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As a bank’s office manager, do you expect customers to frequent you? With the current competitive situation, a lot of banks have sprung up. How do you retain old customers and attract new ones to your branches? Vietcombank has its own know-how with Kodo fragrance installation solution.

Vietcombank – The largest bank in Vietnam’s stock market

Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, also known as Vietcombank, has an extensive network. The brand emphasizes core values such as:

  • Innovative to bring practical values to customers.
  • Continuous development (Continuous) towards the goal of expanding the customer portfolio, is Vietcombank’s most valuable and proudest asset.
  • Take Attentiveness – Consulting with customers as a criterion of striving.
  • Connected to build a national bank on par with the region and the world.
  • Always strive to find Individual on the basis of the highest quality and value.
  • Promote Safety and Confidentiality (Secure) to maximize the interests of customers and shareholders.

In order to fulfill the mission and vision, Vietcombank always focuses on investing in every small detail, including the fragrance in the workspace of employees or transaction locations of customers.

Image of the building of Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

If asked the TOP most prestigious and large-scale banks in Vietnam, any Vietnamese will immediately answer that it is Vietcombank. As a customer, whether you are a business or an individual, you always feel secure and comfortable when opening an account, or making transactions here.

In addition to many plus points according to the criteria of assessing the quality, reliability and scale of the bank according to international standards, the attentive and considerate service style of the bank’s staff is a great competitive advantage, especially for private customers. Not stopping there, Vietcombank always builds a beautiful and strong image of the bank through office buildings, comfortable transaction offices. In particular, contributing to building this image comes from the scent system from Kodo Vietnam’s essential oil diffuser.

Large-capacity Kodo essential oil diffuser at modern Vietcombank branch

Kodo2100 large-capacity Kodo essential oil diffuser was selected by Vietcombank to be equipped at Ho Chi Minh City head office – 5 Me Linh Square, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Vietcombank has equipped 3 Kodo 2100 large-capacity essential oil diffusers here; choose the luxurious and refreshing White Tea scent that makes customers feel comfortable, comfortable, as well as more patient when waiting to be served. Customers are brand aware, evaluate the brand more positively in the banking group.

Kodo White Tea Essential Oil

Kodo has always been the brand of choice for well-known banks, not only because of its ability to install at all sizes but also because of its long-standing reliability. With a 24/7 fulfillment service, Kodo wishes to bring customers a great experience anytime, anywhere. Kodo understands that each customer is attracted to a certain characteristic of the brand. Similar to logos, fragrance is the impression that is both the closest and most unforgettable to attract customers.

Has your bank branch shaped its distinctive scent to serve customers? Contact our team immediately for advice on designing the scent that best suits your business field and brand story!


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