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Synthesis of essential oils that repel mosquitoes and insects most effectively

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Instead of using mosquito and insect sprays that can adversely affect health, many families turn to essential oils to help the living space stay clean and filled with natural fragrance. If you are looking for an essential oil that effectively repells mosquitoes and insects , you can immediately refer to the great suggestions below!

Is it good to use essential oils to repel mosquitoes and insects?

Since ancient times, our grandparents have known to plant plants around the house to repel mosquitoes and insects such as lemongrass, cereal, rosemary, eucalyptus ,… These plants have proven their great use as well as absolute safety during use.

Therefore, using essential oils extracted from natural plants becomes a comprehensive solution to repel mosquitoes and insects because it is both highly effective, safe and friendly to human health.

If you use these natural essential oils against mosquitoes, then it is safe and there is no risk of toxicity. However, if you overuse or use products containing chemicals of unknown origin, there may be a potential risk of poisoning.

Essential oils that repel mosquitoes 8

To ensure safety, you can make your own essential oil against mosquitoes at home using natural ingredients or buy essential oils from reputable and quality sources. This helps ensure you use ingredients that are safe and not harmful to health.

You can use natural essential oils for your living and working space to become fresh, clean, and fragrant. However, it is necessary to choose quality products from reputable addresses to bring high efficiency and safety to health!

Synthesis of essential oils that repel mosquitoes and insects most effectively

Currently, there are many natural essential oils on the market that repel mosquitoes and insects, of which the 5 essential oils that bring the highest efficiency include:

Lemongrass essential oil

According to studies, essential oils with lemon have a special aroma that makes insects and mosquitoes unable to determine the direction of flight, causing them to paralyze nerves. Therefore, using this essential oil in your living and working space will help you no longer worry about mosquito bites or insects.

essential oil that repels mosquitoes 1

Essential oils with lemon have a special aroma that paralyzes nerves for insects and mosquitoes

Lemongrass essential oil with a gentle aroma, extremely pleasant, so it is often chosen by many customers to use in the bedroom, office or car. Combined with an essential oil diffuser will help bring higher efficiency, helping to preserve the fragrance for a long time.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil has long been known to be one of the substances capable of repelling mosquitoes very effectively. This essential oil has been certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a very good mosquito and insect repellent, ensuring safety for the health of users.

essential oils that repel mosquitoes 2

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil effectively repels mosquitoes and insects

A recent study showed that 32% lemon eucalyptus essential oil is effective against mosquitoes and insects up to 95% for 3 consecutive hours. You can use this product line in business spaces such as hotel lobbies, apartment buildings, central business areas,… In addition, the living room space, family bedroom can still use this essential oil to always clean and fragrant.

A small note is that lemon eucalyptus essential oil is suitable for people from 3 years old, so if the house has young children, parents should pay attention to choose the right essential oil!

Javanese Lemongrass essential oil

Javanese lemongrass is a plant of the same lemongrass family but with a purple stem, commonly cultivated in India. The essential oil of this plant has a pungent smell, the ability to repel mosquitoes, insects, bactericidal and purify the air very effectively. Therefore, Javanese lemongrass essential oil is often chosen by families to bring the safest and most ideal living space.

essential oil that repels mosquitoes 3

Javanese lemongrass essential oil eliminates unpleasant odors, effectively supports the prevention of motion sickness

With a pungent fragrance, Javanese lemongrass essence when combined with an essential oil diffuser will help your home space always warm, very suitable for use in bathrooms and bedrooms. Just 1 to 2 drops of essential oil will help you feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed. In addition, you can use Javanese lemongrass essential oil on the car to eliminate unpleasant odors, effectively support the prevention of motion sickness.

Geranium essential oil

Geraniums are also known by other names as geraniums – very beautiful flowers and have a seductive, strangely attractive fragrance. The essence contained in this flower has the ability to repel mosquitoes very well, in addition to helping to sedate, reduce stress, stimulate excitement quite effectively.

Using geranium essential oil in the bedroom will help you get a better and deeper sleep. In particular, helping sex life sublimate, improve quality, and make married life more fulfilling and happy.

essential oils that repel mosquitoes 4

Geranium essential oil for a space filled with floral aroma with a seductive aroma

Just a drop of geranium essential oil and an essential oil diffuser has brought the space full of floral fragrance with a seductive and passionate aroma. This is really the ideal choice for couples’ private space to add romance and warmth.

Lavender essential oil

Few people know that the flower with its aquatic purple color, gentle and pleasant fragrance has a great use in repelling mosquitoes and insects. Lavender essential oil is very popular and has become the first choice of many showrooms, stores specializing in cosmetics, beauty, fashion to high-end hotels and offices.

Essential oils that repel mosquitoes 5

Lavender essential oil also gives the space a pleasant fragrance, has a strange attraction

In addition to repelling insects, lavender essential oil also gives your space a pleasant aroma, has a strange attraction, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of customers and partners. Therefore, if you are looking for an essential oil that effectively repels mosquitoes and insects, for the space is always fragrant with flowers, do not miss this essential oil!

Kodo Sang Pure essential oil – repels mosquitoes and insects, gives the space a fresh floral aroma

Besides pure natural essential oils, Kodo Sang Pure essential oil is one of the product lines used by many customers for their space to repel mosquitoes and insects.

This essential oil is completely extracted from natural ingredients with the main ingredients including: orange peel, eucalyptus, spicy mint, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves ,… Therefore, it brings the use of repelling mosquitoes, repelling insects, killing bacteria and purifying the air very well.

Also, Kodo Sang Pure essential oil It is also used to soothe headaches, colds, limit motion sickness,… The product is suitable for use in non-business, houses, cars,… Sang Pure possesses a warm fragrance, bringing a feeling of exhibition but extremely familiar and close, making your space more luxurious and classy.

Kodo Sang Pure essential oil is extracted entirely from nature, quality control from the selection of raw materials to finished products. Commit not to use alcohol or any chemicals that affect human health. Therefore, you can rest assured to use Sang Pure essential oil every day so that the space is always clean and airy with a strong, warm fragrance.

Cách sử dụng tinh dầu đuổi muỗi đạt hiệu quả tốt nhất

To use essential oils to get the most out of mosquitoes, you can follow these guidelines:

Dùng máy khuếch tán tinh dầu đuổi muỗi

You need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 8 giọt tinh dầu sả java
  • 8 giọt tinh dầu tràm trà
  • 8 giọt tinh dầu oải hương
  • Một máy khuếch tán

Essential oils that repel mosquitoes 6

Follow these steps:

  • Trộn đều các loại tinh dầu với nhau để tạo ra một hỗn hợp đồng nhất. Đảm bảo rằng tất cả các tinh dầu được kết hợp đều và không bị tách lớp.
  • Đổ hỗn hợp tinh dầu vào máy khuếch tán. Máy khuếch tán sẽ phát tán mùi hương của tinh dầu vào không khí trong phòng.
  • Bật máy khuếch tán và đặt nó ở nơi phù hợp trong phòng. Đảm bảo rằng máy được đặt ở một vị trí có gió lưu thông tốt để mùi hương của tinh dầu có thể lan tỏa đều trong không gian.

Dùng bình xịt tinh dầu để đuổi muỗi

Here’s how to make an aerosol vial against mosquitoes:


  • 350ml nước cây phỉ (with hazel)
  • 15 giọt tinh dầu sả java
  • 15 giọt dầu sả chanh
  • 10 giọt tinh dầu bạc hà
  • 10 giọt dầu tràm trà
  • 1 cái phễu
  • 1 bình xịt rỗng
  • 1 lọ rỗng để trộn các thành phần

essential oils that repel mosquitoes 7

You pour hazelnut juice into an empty jar along with the essential oils and shake well. Then, use a funnel to pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Each time you use it, shake the bottle a little and then spray it on curtain blankets or walls, around the living area

Xông tinh dầu đuổi muỗi

You can use a fumigator, or essential oil lamp to repel mosquitoes and diffuse the pleasant scent of essential oils into the air. These devices help spread the scent of essential oils evenly throughout the space and create an effective mosquito net.

To use, pour essential oils into a nebulizer or nebulizer according to the instructions of each device. Then, turn on the nebulizer or light the nebulizer to generate heat and spread the scent of essential oils into the air. When the fumigators or lamps work, the scent of essential oils will spread in the space, helping to repel mosquitoes and create a pleasant sensation.

Place the fumigators or lamps in a suitable position in the room, making sure there is wind circulation so that the aroma of essential oils is evenly dispersed. When using, follow the instructions for use and ensure safety.

Above is a summary of natural essential oils that effectively repel mosquitoes and insects that you can refer to choose. Contact KODO for advice and find yourself the right essential oil for the space that is always clean, fragrant, and level-elevated.


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