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Review of 10 popular imported premium essential oils

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The use of imported high-quality essential oils brings a luxurious and classy space and makes a strong impression on customers through pretentious, gentle and extremely delicate scents. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 hottest essential oils of Kodo used a lot in restaurants, hotels, high-class and luxury buildings to spectacular events and shows in Vietnam.

AF Fierce Premium Essential Oil

If you are looking for a fresh fragrance mixed with passionate warmth, AF Fierce premium essential oil is the product you can choose. As a product line loved by many customers, AF Fierce scent is an attractive combination of Citrus Lemon first fragrance, Floral Jasmine and Musk Cedar last fragrance.

The blend and stratification between the scents is gentle, not clearly distinguishing each but supporting each other to bring a special sophistication to the space. The fragrance is quite far from the ability to retain fragrance for a long time, imported high-quality essential oil AF Fierce is suitable for use in large spaces. Such as: hotels, shopping malls, fashion events ,…

White Tea Essential Oil Imports

The purity and sweetness are the outstanding advantages that make White Tea become a high-quality imported essential oil that is highly appreciated by many customers. Used in many luxurious spaces such as Hotel, Showroom, Sapa, Fashion Shop, Cosmetics … White Tea brings a feeling of purity and freshness.

imported high-grade essential oils

The purity and sweetness make White Tea highly appreciated and chosen by many customers

The combination of refreshing Citrus Lemon head scents, passionate, seductive Floral Rose and deep warm Woody end scents are sure to touch emotions, make your customers love and visit your store more often.

DG Light Blue Imported Essential Oil

Like blue light, Light Blue envelops the space with a delicate scent while still creating elegance and class. Unlike the previous two product lines, each layer of DG Light Blue imported essential oil is a combination of many different aromas to create a unique unique scent that you can hardly find anywhere.

The first flavor is the freshness and refreshment of Apple and Lemon. Gentle, cool mixed with a little sweet, romantic but still full of life are the things that you can feel in the middle incense.

This is a sweet combination of Jasmine with a strong rose scent. The interweaving of Ambery, Cedarwood and Musky feels warm yet mysterious. This is what you will feel in the last layer of fragrance that DG Light Blue brings.

Green Bamboo premium essential oil

Towards the purity of space, Green Bamboo high-quality essential oil is a product that should not be ignored for the space of many resorts, hotels, Sapa, or stores that favor environmentally friendly products. Each incense layer, Green Bamboo essential oil gives the space a unique flavor.

The top flavor is the freshness of citrus. The passionate mid-Tropical Pine notes of tropical pine trees and the warm Tropical Pine end-notes of natural herbs.

Green Bamboo will bring comfort and comfort to your customers when visiting. Using imported high-quality essential oil Green Bamboo combined with essential oil diffusers will help the scent fly far and stay the aroma longer.

Premium Imported Essential Oil Signature Coffee Roast

Premium imported essential oil Signature Coffee Roast will be the perfect choice for cafes. Passionate with the scent from pure roasted coffee beans, Signature Coffee Roast not only envelops the space but also makes the taste of Coffee become more intense.

The first aroma of this essential oil is Brewed & Nutty Roasted Coffee, followed by a warm Roasted mid-flavor. Finally, you will feel the warm, rustic but deep aroma of the last Smoky – Ashy and Sour Acidic aroma.

Asserting your class and marking your brand is nothing as fast as a high-end perfume scent. The combination of both flavors and flavors will make customers hard to forget and often come back to your store to enjoy those rich cups of coffee.

Premium essential oils Oud &; Bergamot

High-quality imported essential oil Oud & Bergamot – essential oil that makes many customers “fall in love” with its special aroma. The first aroma is the novelty and freshness of Bergamot Citrus. Next comes Jasmine Sweet’s incredibly delicate, sweet middle fragrance and finally the warm and deep Woody final scent.

The scent of Oud & Bergamot essential oil is the scent of peace, happiness and coziness. The product line is quite suitable in the space of hotel rooms, resorts, high-class resorts,… Giving customers a cozy feeling like in their own beloved home, helping them feel familiar and strangely warm.

White Rose Essential Oil Import

White Rose – a line of premium essential oils exudes a seductive, passionate but mysterious scent that makes people want to explore. White Rose imported premium essential oil shows class, is a combination of sophistication and luxury, worthy of serving noble and upper-class guests.

Imported premium essential oils 1

White Rose – essential oil that exudes a seductive, passionate scent but full of mystery

White Rose essential oil possesses three layers of extremely special fragrance. The first layer of incense is Green Citrus fresh, full of life, the middle layer is the passion and charm of Rose Floral. And finally, the warm, deep Woody Musk scent. All bring to your space an attraction, nobility full of pride.

White Rose is the perfect choice of commercial centers, high-class hotel lobbies, resorts, showrooms, fashion shops, spas, beauty salons ,… With a special fragrance full of attraction, it will surely make customers remember forever and come back for the next time.

BB British essential oil import

BB British – is an imported essential oil with an extremely seductive, passionate and deep aroma that makes people remember forever. If you are doing business in the field of Spa, Beauty, Cosmetics, definitely do not ignore the scent of this imported high-end essential oil.

high-grade essential oil import 3

The opening scent is the freshness, comfort, and relaxation of Green Citrus, followed by the passion, romance of Rose Herbal. Finally, there is the warmth and sweetness of Woody Vanilla’s last aroma.

Rose & White Musk Premium Essential Oil

Rose & White Musk is the essential oil of choice for many designers’ shows and launches of large, epic fashion collections. Mixed with shimmering lights, high-end clothes, bustling music, the fragrance of Rose & White Musk has made the bustling space can still retain the luxury and class.

The scent of this essential oil spreads everywhere, from the reception hall to the show floor. The guests not only delighted with beautiful fashion shows, but also gave them positive emotions thanks to their gentle yet incredibly seductive fragrance.

Rose & White Musk with mixed Berries, Saffron, Rose and finally Patchouli, Oud, Amber. All create a scent with irresistible appeal, both arrogant and tender aroma.

If you are a senior manager, someone who regularly organizes professional, large-scale, classy events will surely understand that for a program to be wildly successful, it is necessary to carefully prepare everything. High-end and luxurious products and designs need to be performed on stage with lights, music and fragrance in the atmosphere.

All of the above factors will contribute to honoring the class of the event, affirming the position and position of the designer in the field of fashion. Therefore, imported high-quality essential oil Rose & White Musk is the choice of the most spectacular fashion shows in Vietnam.

White Tea & Ginger Premium Imported Essential Oil

White Tea & Ginger premium imported essential oil – the perfect fragrance solution for apartments, luxury apartments, luxury buildings. The value of the apartment is not only in the beautiful and comfortable locations but also reflected in the satisfaction of residents when living. Creating a fresh atmosphere with a special fragrance will make residents feel comfortable and comfortable, no matter where they go, they will always remember their home.

Imported premium essential oil 2

White Tea & Ginger – the perfect fragrance solution for luxury buildings

In particular, newly launched projects, impressing customers with luxurious perfume scents will promote their dream of owning an apartment as soon as they enter. At the same time, it also enhances and affirms the value of high-class apartments and apartment buildings.

White Tea & Ginger imported premium essential oil with three layers of special aroma, the first layer is Green Bergamot, the middle layer is Herbal Floral and the last layer is Spicy Vanilla. All give the elite residents living in the building a luxurious, cool and extremely classy fragrance.

Above are the TOP imported high-end essential oils that are most popular and used in events, commercial centers, high-class and luxurious buildings in Vietnam. If you want to affirm the class, position of the company, organization or individual with separate scents, please contact Kodo immediately. Let Kodo bring you a fragrance solution with the highest quality perfume essential oils worthy of your brand.


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