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Pandemic safety is still in style!

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During the epidemic season, outdoor recreation and social activities are canceled, you can still maintain a healthy life, stay positive mentally and exercise every day. Let’s find out with Kodo!

Physical activity for the body

Follow dance or fitness instruction videos with live music to help you both improve your physical health and help raise your mental health so that you keep a positive attitude even at home during the pandemic.

Food supplements increase immunity

A balanced and nutritious diet plays an important role in both physical and mental health. Do not subjectively allow yourself to crave high-calorie foods that make your body sluggish. Focus on fruits and vegetables to build a diet that boosts the immune system, supplements vitamins for the body. And it is best to order online, limit going to the street to protect your health and contribute to helping society stabilize quickly.

Work from home if possible

Adapt to working from home through email, communication apps and online video communication, you will feel like you are still proactive in everything and have a new workspace experience. Decorate, share your home workspace with everyone to inspire work and spread a positive spirit to friends and colleagues.

Decorating and rearranging the house

Staying at home will sometimes make you bored, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to distance and rearrange the space for your home? Arrange and rearrange the interior of the house, decorate the house with vases or ornamental plants to bring nature into the house to help create a new breath of life. Besides, add fragrance notes to your space more lively and stylish with the stylish fragrance collection from Kodo.

Clean the house regularly

Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch indoor surfaces regularly is an important preventive measure to reduce the risk of COVID19 contamination. Clean the house regularly with Kodo’s multi-purpose cleaning solution, both fragrant with the aroma of natural essential oils, while disinfecting surfaces, floors, tables and chairs, curtains …

Let’s join Kodo in spreading the lifestyle and quality spirit during the pandemic so that together we can maintain the spirit of optimism even at home.


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