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Choose a lifestyle to be yourself

The phrase “Lifestyle” is a lifestyle for you to say “who am I?” and to “understand myself.” Lifestyles are very diverse in the world, it is not influenced by culture, living environment or social position, but sometimes simply “you choose” and “you see fit”.

Let’s find out some popular lifestyles with Kodo below! Kodo believes that the picture of life has many colors, and whether colored or painted only in black, it always exudes its own unique beauty.

  • Irreducible
  • Nature
  • Luxurious
  • Retro

Minimalist lifestyle but personality

You do not need to have too many things, and immediately get rid of what you have not used for a long time. Your life only has really necessary and very selective items, you have no concept of keeping it and there will be times when you need it.

This is the way of life that comes from the Japanese. They choose to live a minimalist lifestyle to minimize dependence on material things, living lightly, serenely but no less elegantly. The minimalist lifestyle is now spread all over the world, people have the same goal towards a life in which happiness is not rooted in material things. Appreciate more of what you have. Purify life, find the most basic, and meaningful values of life.

The minimalist lifestyle in daily life, in addition to the material aspect, is also expressed in the minimalist way of thinking. When you reduce unnecessary things in your head, do not think about small things, ignore negative details, you will better handle practical and special problems, focus on solving the most effective work. In modern society, this mindset will help you feel less stressed, anxious, peaceful, and happier. You are confident in your own values, set your own standards, and are satisfied with yourself.

If you are choosing this lifestyle, the fragrance in the Kodo White or Kodo Classic room aromatherapy collection with the Kodo 80S essential oil diffuser is for you.

Kodo White or Kodo Classic space essential oil collection: Soothing, relaxing fragrance. The notes were fleeting, dotted like an autumn breeze. Fragrance like a girl who likes to be quiet, elegant, avoid attracting attention and crowds. Does not like to disturb, has its own personality, comes and goes impressively gently.
The Kodo 80S runs extremely quietly, without making noise, simple and easy to use. There is a built-in night light function.

Lifestyle in harmony with nature

Even in the stuffy and rushed metropolis, you always have special vibes to the beauty of nature, spend a few seconds watching the clear blue sky, listen to the cool breeze, or find out that there are birds singing here.

As a nature lover, a lifestyle close to nature is your choice. Sunshine, plants, colors of nature will follow you into the house. Your home space always has an open direction to catch the wind, using gentle colors as the main theme to make anyone feel peaceful when entering. Trees are always prioritized in the most beautiful and central locations of the house, and green areas dot everywhere. Home like garden and indoor garden.

Every morning you wake up, the first thing you like to do is watch the blossoms and greenery. Touching the leaves or breathing in the throne scent of early grass, rejoicing when seeing young leaves appear is a pleasure. As a result, you feel energized at the beginning of the day, and forget about the worries in life.

Not only focusing on home decoration, you are often interested in sustainable development values, and environmental protection awareness. Green objects, furniture, clothes, and food will be spent heavily by you. You also tend to be close to pets, love dogs, cats, birds or aquarium fish and are willing to spend time playing with them forever. Besides, the rich and poetic life is indispensable for field trips and discoveries. Places with more pristine and naturally beautiful landscapes are always in the top spots you need to go.

With a natural, close, but strong, independent demeanor, you always make those around you feel comfortable and comfortable in communication.

The Kodo Fresh or Kodo Signature space essential oil fragrance collection with the Kodo 210S essential oil diffuser is for you.

Sweet fruit aromas, strong floral aromas will be extremely suitable in your home.
The Kodo210S essential oil diffuser is cast in sustainable aluminum alloy, reducing harm to the environment. The machine is powerful, beautiful, luxurious, so it is easy to place in any position in your home.

Luxury lifestyle

You are commented by everyone around you as elegant, well-groomed, stylish people who always exude elegance and nobility. Why?

First, surely you are very concerned about your appearance. If you try on a suit that doesn’t feel satisfied, you won’t wear it. Every detail is paid very close attention to by you, ensuring perfection every centimeter when you step outside. With a hobby of collecting and using brand items, what you care about is to attract the attention of others every time you appear, and you will be happier if you receive more compliments or admiration.

Stylish fashion style is also the style you decorate your home. You are willing to spend large sums of money investing in expensive, branded decorative objects. Meticulously arrange each corner of the house, every detail, although it takes a lot of time to consider and complete to be the most beautiful. You will be fussy hunting for items that you believe will add to your living space. And you are ready to mercilessly throw away things that are no longer fashionable, even if the use value remains.

High-class lifestyle, luxurious and gentlemanly gestures are not just because you are rich in money, but exude from the process of learning, learning, acquiring knowledge and experience. Have to go to many luxurious places, observe different styles. You explore the communication culture of the noble aristocracy, while studying more books. Finally, you have built your own classy style.

The Kodo premium fragrance collection for Premium space with the Kodo 1000 Black machine is for you.

The luxurious and noble fragrance of the most famous fragrances will shape the most classy, unique and perfect space.

Kodo 1000 Black essential oil diffuser cast in luxury black alloy. The machine has an oil tank as large as 1 liter to meet the large space. Quiet operation, the smallest essential oil mist spreads strongly.

Retro Lifestyle

Retro is shortened from the term “Retrospective” which means to reminisce, look back on the past. Retro interior style is the application of design trends of the 50s, 60s and 70s into modern spaces.

Retro is also understood as a mix of new and old. It is not separate but brings harmony. It can be old designs with new colors, or new designs with old materials. The ratio between new and nostalgic features is very balanced, creating a unique and impressive living space.

Retro’s color palette has playful shades but is just enough and not too dazzling. Commonly used colors are avocado green, light blue, mustard yellow, brown and white. You can add some vibrant colors like orange, red and purple. This color combination exudes a stylish and trendy look with a bit of sophistication, without being too excessive and confusing.

In general, Retro style furniture has soft and delicate lines reminiscent of designs of the last century but has omitted many elaborate details to suit a more modern space. . Simply put, Retro style furniture will be new but designed based on antiques.

Retro interior style shows that there is no constraint in choosing suitable furniture. You can see that in a space, tables, chairs, and shelves seem to have very different designs, with no relation in both shape and material. But it still gives a pleasant and comfortable look. Perhaps only this liberal and playful Retro style can do this.

Retro style furniture is a clever combination of modern and classic beauty. The elaborate and cumbersome details are greatly simplified and cut, replaced by a neat, simple but still very luxurious look.

If you choose Retro style, let Kodo help you add solemnity to the space and atmosphere with the scents of Maple leaf, Sandal wood, Oriental siam wood, Aromatic wood or Oud & bergamot will be the perfect choice. You can combine it with the Kodo 30Lux pure essential oil diffuser with neutral colors and the ability to diffuse an area of ​​up to 30 m2 to meet the needs of diverse room spaces from home, office, stalls…

With the Kodo 30Lux essential oil diffuser, you can freely set the timer to operate and turn off using the control app on your phone and freely choose the level of fragrance emission depending on the space area.


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