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Kodo1000 Large Power Essential Oil Diffuser Superior Technology

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Kodo1000 high-capacity essential oil diffuser is a professional model using Cold Air Nano technology. Users are free to program the time of use as well as the ability to connect to the air conditioner. Currently, this model is chosen by many business organizations because of its special features and efficiency.

Distinctive features of the Kodo1000 large capacity essential oil diffuser

Advanced technology

It is Kodo International’s newest essential oil diffuser. Using advanced 4G technology, the machine has a suction head and cold extraction of essential oil molecules up to 12 times smaller than conventional models. This Kodo technology works in a way that compresses the air, creating a strong pressure to spray essential oils into a small mist that spreads widely.

Kodo1000 has a powerful motorcycle engine but quiet operation, no noise. The machine has a fast pumping frequency and longer maintenance time, so there is no need to use an incense blower like other models on the market.

Large tank capacity

The large essential oil container, with a capacity of up to 1,000ml, saves you time changing the amount of oil. This design is especially useful for large halls, places with large spaces. This ensures continuous fragrance retention to serve customers always. At the same time, the protective lock of this machine contributes to reducing oil loss, optimizing costs for the organization.

Large usable space

Buildings or conference halls with an area of over 400m2 using this model will be more secure because of the ability to cover up to 1200m3. Therefore, this is the model chosen by more organizations. Combined with Kodo perfume essential oil, no water and direct sprayer gives off a pure scent.

Modern design

To control the Kodo1000 high-capacity essential oil diffuser, we support instructions on how to install the app directly on the phone. You can operate quickly and control from anywhere with just your phone in hand.

Made from monolithic Aluminium material, the industrial essential oil diffuser comes in silver and black. The color is suitable for luxurious spaces, with high aesthetics.

The brand characteristic of every business lies in every detail, especially the scent. Essential oil diffusers are KODO1000 honored to be a companion to create a distinct class.

Famous brands

Kodo is a reputable brand in the field of essential oils, perfumes and fragrance solutions. The brand has partnered with thousands of businesses around the world. From hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, offices to fashion stores, beauty salons or car brands, Kodo serves apartments, gym / Yoga packages 24/7 with all different sizes.

Image of large capacity Kodo 1000 essential oil diffuser

Specifications of Kodo1000 large capacity essential oil diffuser series

Dimensions: 148 mm x 148 mm x 473 mm
Weight: 4.3kg
Container capacity: 1000 ml
Power: 5W
Covering area: 400m2/1200m3

Instructions for use

Step 1: Unlock the Kodo1000 large capacity essential oil diffuser to get the essential oil container;

Step 2: Pinch essential oils into containers, each with a maximum capacity of 1000ml;

Step 3: Connect the cables to a power source. Note, below the foot of the face opposite the lock is an electrical outlet;

Step 4: Download the app and open Blutooth to connect the control from the phone;

Step 5: Set the time and mode of operation as you like.

You can see in detail how to use the Kodo1000 high-capacity essential oil diffuser via the video below.

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