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Kodo – The art of using unique scents from Japan

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Japan is a land rich in world-famous cultural traditions with the art of tea ceremony, kendo, calligraphy, flower arrangement and origami paper folding… In addition, the country of the rising sun also owns a very special art form called incense (Kodo) – The art of using scent.

Kodo essential oil is extracted from the best raw materials. Along with that is advanced production technology to create unique and delicate incense layers.

The art of using scent

Before perfumes and the advent of perfumes, the Japanese aristocracy often used scents to perfume living spaces. Besides, they also marinate incense in clothes, jewelry and hair. This unique art form is called kodo.

It can be said that scents have formed a unique type of communication in high society in this country. There are even many scent competitions such as Kumikou, Genjikou. Over time, this game has fallen out of popularity because it costs a lot and materials need to be selected from the most quintessential things.

Today, the art of fragrance invention has flourished. Not only aromatizing the body, aroma essential oils are also used in living spaces or business spaces to attract customers.

Perfume essential oil and Kodo natural essential oil

Kodo International Fragrances – a collection of thousands of scents for space from a combination of Japanese tradition and modern technology. Perfumers in Kodo have created many unique and delicate fragrances but still ensure a reasonable price. From there, helping these special scents to reach many classes of customers around the world.

All kodo essential oil is imported directly from Japan, Singapore and Thailand. Collection of over 1000 perfume essential oils and more than 100 natural essential oils with diverse capacities of 50ml, 110ml, 500ml to suit all needs of customers. In addition, Kodo also offers a wide range of essential oil diffusers suitable for business and residential spaces.

The essential oil diffuser series for business has many outstanding advantages:

– The air compressor creates strong pressure to spray essential oils into a small mist that radiates in large spaces.

– Use pure essential oils without mixing water.

– Spread the scent quickly and strongly over a large coverage area.

– Programmable usage time, odor level with touch screen or bluetooth.

– Operate independently or connected to air conditioning system.

– Beautiful design, easy to clean and durable.

– No need to mix water to save essential oils.

The essential oil diffuser series for home has the following outstanding advantages:

– Suitable for small spaces: bedroom, living room, toilet, car, desk.

– Quiet operation, no noise.

– Easy to use, easy to install.

– Do not mix water, save essential oils.

See details of Kodo essential oil diffusers here:

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Let KODO provide the most advanced fragrance and perfume solutions and install essential oil diffuser systems suitable for your space and brand. Get exclusive machine rental and scent design services. Email: or Hotline: 090 908 3382; 028 6285 3382.

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