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Kodo fragrance system installation service accompanies the spectacular fashion event SIXDO Fashion Show

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The Most Spectacular Fashion Event in Vietnam gathered more than 2,000 guests, more than 100 models, 106 KOLs & Influencers. The fashion design set with more than 500 models of designer Do Manh Cuong was magnificently displayed at the end of October 2020. Sixdo Fashion Show shook the media, touching the hearts of many fashion lovers. Kodo Vietnam is proud to be the provider of fragrance system installation services accompanying Sixdo Fashion Show.

Sixdo – Flexible business model

The system of more than 30 stores in major city centers throughout Vietnam to serve the needs of shopping in the field of fashion. The opening stores are located in a prime central location, with a large space area, the interior is uniformly designed in a luxurious style. At the same time, the sales team is also well-trained in accordance with international standards. Ensure to bring customers the most comfortable feeling in the shopping process. To introduce this business store system, the famous designer made a large-scale Fashion Show that created a great success.

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The fragrance of high-quality Kodo Black perfume essential oil blends in a classy space

In harmony with the throbbing music, eye-catching colors, and shimmering lights, do you recognize a special scent that creates the luxurious atmosphere of the performance? More than 2000 guests, each with a style but the performance stage still stood out the most in the show. How to make a space bustling but still retain the luxury level? KODO perfume essential oil is proud to contribute to this glorious success. In the luxurious space of the White Palace performance center, the fragrance of Kodo Black TF No.2 has spread everywhere, from the reception hall, to the performance area.

The fragrance of haughty roses and gentle jasmine flowers combine to create an irresistible appeal. The beautiful fashion shows combine the surrounding fragrance to satisfy both the eyes, ears and positive emotions of each person. Once impressive, it will be unforgettable. The performance was successful because it was so deeply impressed in the hearts of the attendees. Then a compliment conveys a compliment. As a result, designer’s time stores are known to be a perfect shopping space.

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Why did Sixdo Fashion Show choose to install Kodo fragrance system?

Senior managers, professional event venues understand that for a program to be successful, it takes a lot of careful preparation. Everything must have similarities in class as well as value. With luxurious designs, stage colors, lights, music and the fragrance of the atmosphere also blend to honor the level of the event. Therefore, Kodo fragrance is the choice of the most spectacular fashion show in Vietnam.

Kodo fragrance installation system is a 24/7 all-inclusive service, using modern technology diffusers and a collection of high-end essential oils. Kodo essential oil diffusers have a variety of service lines of different sizes and organizations. Moreover, the premium Kodo Black perfume essential oil also has many different scents to choose from. Each scent tells its own story.

Kodo Black aroma diffuser

SIXDO’s mission is to beautify millions of people, and KODO’s is to spread the fragrance, the two sides will accompany on the way to conquer throughout Vietnam, transmitting the values of the most classy and delicate beauty! What about your business enterprise? Please contact Kodo for advice on fragrance solutions suitable for your own business!


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