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Is it advisable or not to sauna essential oils in a newborn room?

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Essential oils have long been known for many uses from beauty, health care to fragrance in space. Everyone knows that using pure essential oils is very good, but for babies, is it safe and good for the baby’s health? The following article KODO will help you better understand how to use essential oils for babies to bring the best effect!

Should essential oils be fumigated in the room of babies and young children

Quite a few parents are worried and apprehensive about whether to use essential oil lamps in the newborn room for fear of affecting the health of the baby. According to scientific studies as well as the advice of pediatricians, the proper use of essential oil lamps is good for the health and spirit of young children.

essential oil fumigators in the newborn room

Essential oil lamps will help diffuse essential oils into the air, helping the room always clean, fragrant, bringing a pleasant and cool feeling.

Not only that, many essential oils also have the effect of purifying the air, killing bacteria, killing viruses, increasing resistance, limiting respiratory diseases very effectively. Therefore, if mothers sauna essential oils in the room, it will help the baby have a safe and ideal living environment, limiting common diseases in children such as flu, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia ,…

Many mothers also use essential oils to repel mosquitoes and insects, eliminate mold, help their health be protected in the most comprehensive way. Besides, natural essential oils also support sleep, helping babies sleep better and deeper.

However, according to experts, babies under 3 months old have immature skin, sensitive, irritated, so mothers need to consider giving them to use because it can cause rashes and skin irritation. For babies over 3 months, the skin is healthier and more mature, can you feel free to use essential oil lamps in the room to support improving health, resistance and immune system for your baby!

Natural essential oils are good for the health of young children

Currently, there are many essential oils on the market that make parents confused about which product line to choose for their baby. Below KODO will suggest essential oils that are both good for the health of children and help your home space always clean and fragrant.

Roman chamomile essential oil

Roman chamomile essential oil has a gentle, refreshing aroma, using the same essential oil diffuser will help your space always be filled with the scent of natural grass and plants very pleasant. This essential oil line also has the effect of supporting sleep, every day before going to bed, mothers just need to turn on the essential oil light for about 30 minutes to help your baby sleep better and deeper.

essential oil fumigators in the infant room 1


Lemongrass essential oil

Lemongrass is one of the essential oils familiar to many Vietnamese families, especially those with young children. Lemongrass essential oil can be used for children from 6 months old. Mom fumigating this essential oil in the baby’s room will help repel mosquitoes and insects very effectively, giving the baby a healthy and safe living space.

In addition, lemongrass essential oil also works to reduce stress, help babies feel more comfortable and comfortable. Besides, mixing essential oil drops into the bath water helps to make your baby’s skin moisturized and softer.

Melaleuca essential oil

Using Melaleuca essential oil in the space of babies and young children helps purify the air, kill bacteria, prevent respiratory diseases very effectively. Every day mom uses Melaleuca essential oil will help your baby limit respiratory diseases, cough, flu ,… The scent of this essential oil is very pleasant, both warm and intimate. This will be the best choice for parents to bring their children a fresh and fresh living space.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is always the choice of many families because it helps the living space always clean, filled with extremely pleasant fragrant flowers. Sauna essential oil lavender in the room will help your baby feel relaxed, less stressed, fussy. At the same time, support your baby to have a better and deeper sleep.

essential oil fumigators in the infant room 2

In addition to using the same essential oil diffuser , mothers can also use it directly on the baby’s skin in some cases of insect bites, mosquitoes. Because, lavender essential oil is used to reduce swelling, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal very effectively.

Pomelo peel essential oil

Pomelo peel essential oil with a refreshing, gentle aroma will help your baby feel comfortable, less irritable. In addition, this essential oil line also has the effect of raising the immune system, providing positive energy for babies to be ready to explore the world around them extremely interesting. Using pomelo peel essential oil every day also supports the prevention and treatment of flu, cough, fever, sore throat ,… very effective.

Notes when fumigating essential oils in the newborn room

Essential oil bathing in the newborn room brings many very good benefits to the health of the baby, but in the process of using essential oil, mothers should note some of the following issues:

Choose 100% natural essential oils, quality assurance

Currently, mothers can easily buy essential oils anywhere from pharmacies, cosmetic stores to essential oil distribution units. However, not all addresses are reputable and reliable. Therefore, before choosing to buy natural essential oils for your baby, you need to learn about the distributor as well as the origin of the product.

essential oil fumigators in the newborn room 3

Mom should prioritize choosing reputable, reliable addresses that are highly appreciated by a large number of customers for product quality. When buying essential oils, it is necessary to request the distributor to provide product information, have full origin, quality certificates, ensure absolute safety for the health and development of babies and children.

Use only very small amounts to amplify essential oils

Pure natural essential oils are quite dense, so just 2 to 3 drops can spread the fragrance throughout the space with an area of about 20 to 30m2. If used too much, it will make the air in the room smelly and can cause suffocation for the baby.

In addition, the skin of babies is quite sensitive, if the mother uses essential oils in excessive amounts, it is easy to cause allergies, rashes, discomfort. Therefore, steaming essential oils in the infant room should pay attention to using a sufficient amount!

It is recommended to use with essential oil diffusers instead of candles

Using essential oil diffusers will be much safer and more effective than candle lights. This product line has the ability to diffuse essential oils at a faster rate, retaining the characteristic aroma of essential oils. At the same time, it helps ensure safety, does not cause fire or explosion or potential dangers for the baby.

It is recommended to use with essential oil diffusers instead of candles

Address to buy reputable and quality essential oils for babies

With the situation of essential oils being sold everywhere, rampant on the market with many different prices and qualities, causing panic for consumers. How to choose for your baby a quality, safe essential oil is what most parents are concerned about.

Address to buy reputable and quality essential oils for babies

Currently, there are many essential oil suppliers and distributors on the market, but KODO is still an address that is loved and chosen by a large number of customers. With a collection of more than 1000 high-quality imported essential oils, quality assurance, strong fragrance with absolute purity. Using KODO essential oil will help your baby’s room space always clean and fragrant, ensuring absolute safety for the health and development of babies and children.

All KODO products have clear proof of origin, certificates from international agencies and governments for quality and safety. Therefore, mothers can rest assured to use Kodo essential oil every day for babies so that the space is always clean and fragrant with natural aroma!

Essential oil bathing in the baby’s room brings many great benefits if the mother chooses the right products, quality, ensuring safety for the baby. Contact KODO immediately for specific advice and choose the best essential oil bottle for your baby!


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