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How to eliminate odors in an air-conditioned room most effectively

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Deodorizing in air-conditioned rooms is always a matter of concern to many Kodo customers, especially in offices, high-end shops or karaoke bars. Because besides the luxury in space, owning a characteristic scent will also affirm the level of a brand. But unpleasant odors will lose points, making customers have bad impressions. To overcome this situation, Kodo would like to share the most effective ways to eliminate odors in air-conditioned rooms, giving you a fresh living and working space with a pleasant aroma.

How to deodorize large spaces

The most effective ways to eliminate odors in air-conditioned rooms

Clean the air conditioner regularly

There is one thing that surely many Kodo customers do not know, dust, residue, mold, smoke … Staying in the air conditioner for a long time is the leading cause of unpleasant odors. When the machine is running, the vapors will carry this odor throughout the room space and make people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, regular cleaning of the washing machine is essential. Cleaning not only helps remove dirt and bacteria after a long time of use, but also helps the air conditioner operate more smoothly and efficiently. It is best to clean the machine and parts periodically every 6 to 12 months.

Clean rooms – equipment in offices, shops

The characteristic of an air-conditioned room is an enclosed space so that cold air does not spread out. So any kind of smelly item can make the room become stuffy because the scent is accumulated, unable to escape.

To remove all unpleasant odors, it is definitely impossible to skip the step of cleaning the air-conditioned room very cleanly. Absolutely do not put garbage baskets or any other objects that cause unpleasant odors such as cigarettes, food ,… in the room whether you are turning on the air conditioning or not.

Eliminate odors in air-conditioned rooms by cleaning rooms

Clean air-conditioned rooms to remove unpleasant odors

You can use a warm towel with a little lemon juice to wipe items and equipment in the room to help dispel odors, especially the smell of cigarettes very effectively. However, this does not apply to spaces with floors made of stone or ceramic tiles!

When you do not turn on the air conditioner, you should open the windows so that the room is ventilated, flying away unpleasant odors. At the same time, it helps sunlight to creep into the room to remove moldy odors, helping the room always full of the energy of nature.

Using an air purifier in a cold room

Air purifiers are also one of the perfect solutions to help solve the problem of air-conditioned rooms with unpleasant odors. This device will help filter out dirt, unpleasant odors, return you a fresh atmosphere.

Planting trees in offices, shops

Greenery not only gives you a feeling of freshness and comfort but also helps to filter the air in the room effectively. You can place potted plants in your office or store to decorate and help control odors very well. Kodo would like to suggest you some plants such as: Tiger’s Tongue, Green Herb, Italian Orchid, Golden Betel Tree,…

Eliminate air-conditioned room odors by planting trees in the office

Planting greenery in the office effectively eliminates unpleasant odors

Use Kodo essential oil and essential oil diffusers – a comprehensive solution to eliminate odors in air-conditioned rooms

The most comprehensive way to help you both eliminate unpleasant odors in a cold room and give the space a pleasant scent is to use a specialized essential oil diffuser. The Kodo series features KAIP technology to create IONS and Kodo’s premium fragrance essential oils. What’s more wonderful than when you just walked into the office, entered your store, smelled a pleasant fragrance, comfortably like you are lost in a flower garden full of cool fragrance. This is one of the most subtle arts of attracting customers.

Use diffusers and essential oils to effectively eliminate odors

Kodo’s high-quality essential oil creates a classy space

A luxurious place is not only expressed through words, space layout but also shaped from small details such as color, fragrance,… Kodo’s high-end essential oil creates a classy space, expressing the owner’s own style, personality as well as sophistication for your business brand.

Kodo International Fragrances offers customers thousands of scent choices from traditional to modern, from gentle and arrogant to classy and luxurious. All Kodo essential oils are imported directly from Japan, Thailand and Singapore, so they ensure the quality as well as the most unique, pure fragrance, suitable for all your living and working spaces.

Kodo essential oil diffuser eliminates air-conditioned room odors quickly

Essential oil diffusers have the ability to eliminate odors in air-conditioned rooms extremely effectively

In addition, Kodo also offers customers a variety of essential oil diffusers capable of effectively eliminating odors in air-conditioned rooms. The principle of operation of the machine is to compress the air to create strong pressure to spray essential oils into small mist that radiates in large spaces. The machine also integrates KAIP technology to create ION to clean the air, remove bacteria, dirt and odors, smoke effectively.

With Kodo models, you only need to use pure essential oils without adding water. This helps essential oils spread fast, powerful scents over a large area of coverage, giving your business and working space a special attractive fragrance. Kodo essential oil diffuser – eliminates unpleasant odors in air-conditioned rooms, providing a space filled with fragrant floral aroma.

Above are the effective ways to eliminate odors in air conditioners that Kodo wants to share with customers. If you are in need of finding fragrance solutions for your workspace and business to become luxurious and classy, please contact Kodo! Kodo Vietnam – Luxurious incense creates class.


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