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How long does pure Kodo perfume oil 15ml – 50ml last?

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Many customers wonder, why Kodo retails tiny bottles of essential oil, only from 15 ml to 50ml. So how long does a 15ml – 50ml bottle of essential oil normally last? Is 15ml too little? Today’s article Kodo will help customers answer the above questions, and at the same time help you know how to use essential oils in the most effective way!

Why is retail Kodo perfume oil usually available in small bottles of only 15ml and 50ml?

As you know, pure Kodo essential oil is liquid flavoring, complex synthesis of 60 to 200 aroma ingredients. It is a combination of both natural extracts, through popular methods such as distillation, cold pressing, steam pressing,…, and selection from pure perfume flavoring ingredients. Due to containing many fragrance ingredients, Kodo perfume essential oil always has 3 distinct fragrance layers.

1) Head scent: The first smell you smell as soon as you come into contact. These ingredients usually smell light and fresh, are the original ingredients, the fastest and quite light flavor from natural ingredients.

2) Middle aroma: As the first aroma fades, you will continue to recognize the middle aroma. Middle incense It is the “heart” of the essential oil of water, giving the main impression and characteristics of perfume.

3) Final incense: Also known as the basic incense layer, the function of the last layer is to create depth of fragrance, leaving a lasting impression.

Essential oils contain a full range of aromatic compounds and components characteristic of plant species

Essential oils contain a full range of aromatic compounds and components characteristic of plant species

Another property of perfume essential oils is that they are highly susceptible to evaporation as well as oxidation by air, light, temperature and other factors from the environment. Therefore, the best way to preserve essential oils is to store them in dark bottles, with a capacity of about 15ml to 50ml and use them gradually. Thus, essential oils will ensure quality, not smell and have a long shelf life. This is why Kodo essential oils are often stored in tiny, beautiful 15ml and 50ml jars.

How long can a 15ml and 50ml bottle of essential oil be used with a diffuser

Usually, essential oils are conventionally about drops for customers that can be easily aligned and used in the most suitable amount. As follows:

  • 1ml = 20 drops of essential oil.
  • 15ml = 300 drops of essential oil.
  • 30ml = 600 drops of essential oil.
  • 50ml = 1000 drops of essential oil.
  • 100ml = 2000 drops of essential oil.
  • 1oz essential oil = 30ml.
  • 1 teaspoon essential oil = 5ml.
How long can a 15ml and 50ml bottle of essential oil last

How long can a 15ml and 50ml bottle of essential oil last

With a dedicated Kodo essential oil diffuser, cold technology presses fragrant essential oil into a small light molecular vapor that spreads throughout the air, 15ml of essential oil can be used for 1 month or more, depending on machine capacity, space area and operating time.

Other factors affecting the duration of use of the product

In fact, the duration of essential oil use can be long or short depending on how you use essential oils and for what purpose. It is not always possible to use a certain amount of essential oil, but it depends on a few factors:


The more times essential oils are used, the larger the space used, the faster the amount of essential oils will be lost. For example, for home spaces or areas under 20m2, only need a 15ml bottle of essential oil in a dedicated diffuser. The duration of use per day is from 3 to 6 hours, up to 2 months.

The demand for use affects the duration of use of essential oils

The duration of use of essential oils depends on the need for use

How to use

Usage is also one of the factors affecting the duration of use of essential oils. You can use it with an essential oil diffuser, nebulizer, or it can also be used directly. However, the most economical and highly effective way to use essential oils is to use a specialized essential oil diffuser.

Here are some essential oil usage rates suitable for each method that Kodo would like to suggest to customers:

  • Used with specialized Kodo essential oil diffusers: The ratio of essential oils used for diffusers that the manufacturer offers is from 3-6 drops for about 10m2. The number of drops of essential oil used depends on the space of the room. The larger the room, the greater the amount of essential oils required.
  • Used with essential oil lamps: Sauna lamps are often used in small spaces, forks also hold quite a little water. Therefore, each use is only about 6-10 drops of essential oil at a time.
  • Used as an aerosol: The ratio of mixing essential oils with water as an average spray is about 20 drops per 100ml of water. In case you want to make a room aromatic spray, about 10 drops of essential oil for 100ml of water.
  • Use essential oils for bathing: Mix 3-5 drops of essential oils into a bath with warm water, soak for about 5-10 minutes to help the body relax, reduce stress and fatigue.
Using an essential oil diffuser helps save essential oils best

Using an essential oil diffuser helps save essential oils best

The quality of perfume essential oils

This is one of the especially important factors that determine the number of uses. Because high-quality essential oils, with distilled ingredients, using modern technology, 100% pure without water or diluted with odorless oils, just a small amount is enough to aromatize a room. This is the reason why so many customers choose Kodo fragrance oil to bring to their space the most delicate scents.

Kodo brand diffusers and essential oils

Kodo has become a globally renowned brand

With more than 30 years of existence and development, Kodo essential oil has become a familiar brand of the best quality. Thanks to the perfect combination of traditional Japanese fragrance art and modern technologies, Kodo has created essential oils with aromas that reach the most quintessential level.

Kodo’s product lines are imported directly from Japan, Singapore, Thailand. Before reaching consumers, essential oils must undergo the most rigorous testing stages from ingredients, ingredients, fragrance to safety.

All of them ensure absolute perfection, helping customers to fully enjoy the pure aroma of herbs. At the same time, it helps essential oils promote their use effectively and have a long use time.

With the useful information above, you must know how long a 15ml and 50ml bottle of essential oil can be used, right? If you are in need of using essential oils and essential oil diffuser systems for your space to become luxurious and classy, please contact

Kodo for assistance! Koko – the perfect fragrance solution for your space.


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