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Which essential oil diffuser to choose for living space?

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Essential oils have been widely used in perfumery, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals ,… and also for living space. Choosing the right essential oil combined with a fragrance diffuser that fits your space will help you elevate your living space and make your experience of living in your space even better.

On the market today, there are many types of aroma diffusers depending on the purpose of use and space area. Let’s find out the information below to choose which essential oil diffuser product is right for you.

1. Steam essential oil diffuser

This is a fairly familiar and popular machine with a not too high price with an operating mechanism that puts water in the compartment and drops a few drops of essential oil into the water. When the switch is turned on, the machine will diffuse steam with essential oils into the air.

Essential Oil Diffuser / Steam Essential Oil Nebulizer

Advantages: The machine emits the main amount of steam to help increase the humidity of the space.

Disadvantages: because the water content accounts for up to 95% and the oil dripping into the water will float on the surface rather than mix with water, resulting in the product not giving off fragrance for long and only suitable for small spaces of about 15-20 m2. It is necessary to monitor the machine to avoid too high humidity in the room affecting the furniture and to watch the water when it runs out.

2. Thermoelectric essential oil diffuser

The fragrance product uses an electric mechanism to heat essential oils and help essential oils radiate fragrance into space.

Essential Oil Diffuser / Thermoelectric Essential Oil Nebulizer

Advantages: easy to clean, can use soft towels, warm water and soap to clean the oil tray to clean residue.

Disadvantages: the aroma is unstable and gradually decreases, the size of the device and the room will determine the aroma of the scent.

3. Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser:

Ultrasonic diffusers give quite similar results to steam diffusers, which are incense combined with increased humidity into the air. The machine has a vibrating device impregnated with essential oils placed in water. This vibration breaks down oil and water into small molecules which are then dispersed into the air.

Essential Oil Diffuser / Ultrasonic Oil Nebulizer

Advantages: the transformation of liquid into vapor often requires heat, this method performs a change of state without heat.

Shortcoming: The product focuses on providing moisture as the main one, the aroma from the emitted essential oils will dissolve into the air in a short period.

4. Pure essential oil diffuser

The pure essential oil diffuser product with cold diffusion technology follows the mechanism of compressing air into the pure essential oil container to create pressure to push the essential oil directly into the air, without the need for water phase.

Essential Oil Diffuser / Pure Oil Nebulizer

Advantage: High essential oil spraying efficiency, saving the amount of essential oil, spreading essential oils into small fragrance mist particles, spreading fragrance quickly and strongly over a large area. Adjust functions with touch. Many automatic operation modes according to the installation schedule.

Cons: the product has a high price compared to others.

If you are a person who focuses on space style and a smart consumer to realize “you get what you pay for”, the Kodo essential oil diffuser product is a professional model using Cold Air Nano technology that deserves to be put on your to-buy list.

Contact us today for advice on choosing the right product line for your space area.


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