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What is Scent Marketing? Benefits and Who Should Use Scent Marketing

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“Scent Marketing ” – a phrase used quite a lot recently for businesses that want to position their brand and image through “scent”. So what is Scent Marketing? What are the benefits and who should use the art of scent marketing? We invite you to learn about this issue through the article below to increase the effectiveness of Marketing strategy, brand positioning in the hearts of customers.

What is Scent Marketing?

In the current fiercely competitive business market, the promotion of products, services and brands to attract the attention of customers is something that businesses and companies focus on.

Besides traditional forms of PR such as running ads, distributing leaflets, hanging banners ,… The art of scent marketing is gradually becoming a trend chosen by many businesses because it brings unexpected effects.

What is Scent Marketing

“Scent Marketing” – scent marketing to position the brand in the hearts of customers

According to a new study, scent affects 75% of emotions and has the ability to stimulate memory instantly. Therefore, many organizations and businesses have used the art of “Scent Marketing” – scent marketing to position the brand in the hearts of customers.

By bringing unique fragrances to your business space, making a difference, customers can recognize your brand every time they smell that familiar fragrance.

It is also more effective than your logo images or flowery advertising words. Not only that, the fragrance also helps customers feel the value that the products and services they are learning, making the “Gods” linger in the store longer and willing to spend heavily on high-end and expensive items.

What are the types of scent marketing?

Scent marketing can be used in many different forms, including the following 4 common types:

  • Aroma billboard: This form is highly effective because just like billboards, the scent will be the same in every location in your business space, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of customers. Just stepping into your showroom, your store has been welcomed with a pleasant fragrance, helping to add elegance and class to the business space as well as the value of the products and services you bring to customers.

Scent Marketing là gì 2

The fragrance helps to add elegance and class to the business space

  • Thematic: form of scent marketing related to the type of business. For example, coffee shops will use essential oils with the aroma of coffee flavor to enhance the rich flavor. Customers just passing through your coffee shop will be attracted by the delicious, attractive coffee flavor, which will surely make them not want to leave but will visit your shop immediately.
  • Ambient smells: use scents to remove unpleasant odors for business spaces. This form is often used by businesses in the field of restaurants and dining to eliminate the smell of food, instead of a fresh, pleasant aroma. High-end shoe stores often use fragrance to eliminate the smell of customers’ feet.
  • Signature smells: unique, distinctive, exclusive scents at all company locations. The scent used is the same type, and will activate the customer’s memory, when smelling this familiar smell will immediately associate and remember your effective products, services, brands. This is the form of scent marketing chosen by many businesses to position the brand in the hearts of customers in the deepest and most long-term way.

The Amazing Benefits of the Art of Scent Marketing – Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing is gradually becoming a method of brand promotion and PR chosen by many companies and businesses because it brings the following great benefits:

Scent Marketing helps increase revenue

Through the smell power of the scent, customers will have a better impression of professionalism and thoughtfulness in your service. At the same time, help them feel the value of products and services that customers are learning.

It’s the fragrances that have an exotic appeal that keep customers staying with you longer, stimulating positive thoughts and increasing satisfaction. From there, the rate of sales you also increase and help the store’s revenue improve significantly.

What is Scent Marketing 1

It’s the fragrances with strange appeal that keep customers staying with you longer

Scent Marketing brings “loyalty” of customers to you

According to recent studies, scent and service attitude are two factors that help increase customer affection for your brand. If you bring customers quality products, attentive and dedicated service attitude and clean and fragrant space, they will bring you “loyalty” and long-term brand attachment.

Scent Marketing – the art of customer attraction

A lot of great businesses around the world have succeeded with the art of scent marketing in capturing the interest of customers. Using the scent method to create attention, create demand as well as impress customers is extremely effective.

You can give some examples for you to know that incense noodles have a very strong attraction such as:

  • Burger King: They push the scent of the meat on the grill outside every time office workers come to lunchtime. This stimulated the taste buds of customers, making them unable to resist the deliciousness of the grilled meat and had to immediately visit the restaurant to enjoy this delicious dish.
  • Victoria’s Secret: Each Victoria’s Secret store has a very luxurious and seductive fragrance, customers just need to enter the store to feel the class and position of the brand, helping to affirm the value of high-end products here.

Scent Marketing helps increase product satisfaction

According to a recent survey, when asked about the problem if there are two stores that sell shoes of the same quality, but one smells good and one does not, which store you will choose to buy from.

It is surprising that up to 84% of customers choose to buy in a fragrant shop. This has confirmed that scent plays an important role in increasing satisfaction with products and services. Therefore, more and more businesses and organizations decide to bring exclusive and special fragrances to their business spaces.

What is Scent Marketing 5

Fragrance helps increase customer satisfaction about products and services

Scent Marketing helps strengthen the brand

Diffusing scents in the business space will help leave a deep impression in the minds of customers. From there, help them recognize your brand easily, distinguish it from other competitors in the market. By doing this, you have succeeded in your brand positioning strategy.

Scent Marketing eliminates unpleasant odors, brings a clean and airy space

The scent also helps to eliminate unpleasant odors, instead of the fresh aroma of plants, flowers, nature,… This is one of the great solutions in commercial centers, shopping malls, entertainment, restaurants, hotels,… help bring customers the most enjoyable and wonderful experience.

Who should use the art of scent marketing

Scent Marketing application is suitable for many audiences, helping you to enhance value for yourself, your brand, bringing good efficiency to your business.

Almost all businesses in all fields and industries can use the art of scent marketing, from shops, hotels, gyms, spas, cafes, offices, to home spaces,… The most important thing is that you choose the right scent, helping to increase the level of electricity and affirm the brand of individuals and businesses.

What is Scent Marketing 4

Scent Marketing helps you to enhance the value for yourself and your brand

The art of scent marketing Scent Marketing is gradually becoming a trend used by businesses, organizations and individuals to enhance the value of their brands. If customers are looking for solutions for their space to be more luxurious and classy, please contact KODO for specific advice! With many years of experience in the profession, having consulted hundreds of businesses and organizations, KODO is confident to help you own your own ideal living, working and business space.


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