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The benefits of specialized diffuser essential oil fumigators you should know

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The spread of the fragrance of perfume essential oils in the space is to affirm the luxury level of the brand, brand or high-end lifestyle. The maximum effect is obtained only when you use a special combination with a specialized essential oil fumigator. Besides fragrance diffuser, what other benefits does this essential oil diffuser bring? Let’s learn more about the benefits of Kodo brand essential oil fumigators with Kodo through the article below!

Kodo essential oil fumigators with KAIP technology create negative IONS to help purify and deodorize the air effectively

One of the outstanding features of Kodo essential oil fumigators loved by customers is the integration of KAIP technology with the function of creating negative IONS to purify the air, effectively deodorize, giving the room a pleasant and comfortable scent.

When operating, the machine generates negative ions that ionize the air. Negative ions are beneficial particles that enhance vital energy, so negative ions are also known as “Air vitamins”. In other words, negative ions are negatively charged atoms.

  • Negative ions will find positive charges in the air, mainly odors, bacteria, smoke …, and dissolve positive ions, helping to clean and eliminate odors in the air.
  • When the essential oil diffuser combines to generate negative ions, it will electrify the essential oil particles, making the essential oils not only bactericidal, deodorizing but also helping to adhere longer to the surface, save the fragrance longer.
  • The KAIP technology that generates the negative ION integrated in KODO’s AC diffusers is 120 times more powerful than the negative ion generator in a refrigerator.

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Essential oil fumigators make your space clean and safe for health

With compact size, modern design, many eye-catching designs, diffuser essential oil fumigators can be used anywhere. Look luxurious, beautiful, easy to display from bedroom space, on the car to luxurious spaces such as hotel lobby, high-end shops, cafes, cafes or even “cult” fashion shows…. Coverage from 10m2 to over 10,000m2 as required.

Helps diffuse the fragrance quickly, spreading evenly throughout the space

Kodo essential oil fumigators have the main use of diffusing fragrance quickly and spreading evenly throughout the space, including places with large areas. Especially, it is possible to connect the central air conditioning system (industrial line). If you only buy essential oils without a diffuser, then surely the fragrance cannot spread widely and evenly.

Imagine, when customers have just set foot in your store, Showroom. They will feel the gentle, pleasant fragrance that will make their spirits better and have positive emotions. At this point, they will become happier, more relaxed, more open, the probability of you selling will be much higher!

Benefits of essential oil fumigators 2

Essential oil fumigators diffuse the fragrance quickly and evenly throughout the space

Not only that, fragrance is also a way for you to affirm the value of products and services that you bring to your cherished guests. At the same time, help customers impress and remember your brand longer. This is the most effective and delicate art of scent marketing marketing that is being applied by many organizations and businesses and achieved a lot of success. You can program the operation of the machine according to the desired time and increase or decrease the capacity to disperse the desired fragrance.

Specialized essential oil fumigators – safe alternative to candles and scented sticks

Did you know, the use of scented candles or synthetic flavors will adversely affect health through the respiratory tract. Most candles are made from paraffin, which when burned produces benzene and toluene gas.

Not only that, 30% of candles with wicks contain heavy metals, scented candles contain synthetic aromas, dyes,… When burned, it releases harmful chemicals into the air. If people inhale in excessive amounts, it will lead to incalculable harm.

Fragrant incense also emits smoke and chemical components in burned incense also poison the atmosphere, especially in places where there is no constant air circulation. Constant accumulation of smell will affect long-term health.

Benefits of essential oil fumigators 3

To ensure the health of users, essential oil fumigators will be the best choice

Therefore, to ensure the health of users, essential oil diffusers will be the best choice.

This is how you subtly care about the health of your family, your employees, and your beloved customers. And when you are sincere, surely what you get back will be much better. Give it a try and feel!

Essential oil fumigators help maintain the valuable essence of essential oils

Modern technology uses pure essential oils without water, saving essential oils but spreading activities are strong and effective and diffusers are necessary and sufficient conditions for essential oils to be used in the most effective way.

Kodo essential oil fumigators use air compression pump technology to create high pressure into cold pressing thrust, essential oil atoms turn into a light vapor carrying millions of ultra-light microscopic molecules. In just a few minutes, your room is filled with the fresh, pleasant aroma of essential oils.

Therefore, essential oils are not degraded, still retaining the most valuable essences from the scent, ingredients to the inherent uses of essential oils.

Benefits of essential oil fumigators 4

Essential oil fumigators help maintain the most valuable essences of essential oils

In particular, the machine does not generate heat during use, so it ensures absolute safety. No need to worry about hazards such as burns, spills, or unexpected incidents. You can safely enjoy the great benefits of aromatherapy in your room.

In addition, the machine works in a gentle way, helping to spread essential oils to the surrounding space without making annoying noise. This means that when operating, the machine will not affect the people around you as well as your work and life.

Above are the great benefits of the specialized Kodo essential oil nebulizer brought to users. Customers who are in need of learning about essential oil fumigators or installing essential oil fumigators can contact Kodo directly for support. Kodo – distill the essence of heaven and earth into your space!


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