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Secrets of roses and kodo fragrance

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Secrets of roses

Do you like roses? There are many secrets about this beautiful, luxurious flower, which has a charming passionate fragrance, let’s discover with Kodo:
* When the rose blooms, the fragrance will be different from the scent of the bud.
* Warm, humid weather will make the floral aroma stronger.
* The rose scent will be stronger in the early morning, and the scent will fade as the flowers bloom slowly. So, enjoy the early morning incense!
* Even the same flower variety but the scent may be different. The flower grower himself may also be unsure.
* Scent appraisers must come to the smell test at the beginning of the rose harvest to decide the purchase price of the flowers.
* Different people’s noses, or rather different sense of smell will make them smell different. Some people can’t smell any scent, they will only recognize the color and shape of the flowers.
* Roses are a symbol of love and romance. So, rose essential oil is also considered the fragrance of love and seduction.
* The rose scent helps to relax because it brings satisfaction, makes breathing deep and slow.
* Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils. It is made up of 300 components combined. Not all of these components have explicit names
* Rose aroma as well as good wine taste, can be affected by soil, rainfall, care.
* Between 50 and 60,000 roses are needed, which must be carefully picked by hand to make 1 ounce (28gr) of incense essence.
* You can smell each rose and compare scents. Take a deep breath of 1 newly bloomed cotton, guess what it smells like. The answer is probably the smell of fruit, the smell of candy, or the smell of spices depending on each person.
* The smell of burnt bread or the smell of cofee will be used before you continue to smell another flower so that your nose does not get confused with the scent.

Kodo Fragrance

In Kodo we own a lot of rose aromatic essential oils from different regions, the same rose but with different fragrances and waiting for you to come and explore. Choose now 1 bottle of Kodo’s rose fragrance essential oil to make your home space luxurious, classy and make a strong impression at the first moment.

Kodo DG Light Blue Fragrance

Some Kodo fragrances contain rose ingredients you can refer to

BB British essential oil: Top flavor: Green Citrus; Middle flavor: Rose Herbal; Final Fragrance: Woody Vanilla

DG Light Blue essential oil: 3 layers including Head: Apple, Lemon – Middle: Jasmine, Rose – End: Ambery, Cedarwood, Musky

DR Homme Sport essential oil has 3 tiers of fragrances, of which: Top incense: Lemon, Spices, Nutmeg, Ozonic – Middle fragrance: Geranium – Final fragrance: Cendarwood, Patchouli, Moss, Vanilla

Rose & White Musk Essential Oils: Top Fragrances: Mixed Berries, Saffron – Middle Fragrances: Rose – Final Fragrances: Patchouli, Oud, Amber

Oriental Siam Wood essential oil has 3 layers of fragrance like Head Incense: Orange, Green note; Middle flavors: Iris, Rose, Spicy; Last flavor: Agarwood, Amber, Musk

Pear and Fressia Essential Oils Top Incense: Lemon Green – Middle Incense Floral Rose – Final Fragrance: Woody

White Rose essential oil consists of 3 layers of fragrance such as: Green Citrus – Middle fragrance: Rose Floral – Last fragrance: Woody Musk

White Tea essential oil has ingredients using rose in the fragrance layer including Top fragrance: Citrus Lemon – Middle fragrance: Floral Rose – Final fragrance: Woody Amber

Every smell Kodo fragrance is used over 200 ingredients, forming the most unique smell. With roses, Kodo creators collaborate with many other rare extracts, giving you an irresistible classy scent. All at Kodo International Fragrances.


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