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Residential luxury apartment Waterina Suites District 2 enjoy luxurious Kodo fragrance

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Kodo fragrance is the optimal solution used by high-end apartments, luxury apartments and high-standard buildings. Recently, Kodo Vietnam is honored to become a companion providing fragrance system installation services at Wateriana Suites super luxury apartment in District 2.

WATERINA SUITES – Super Luxury Apartment

  • WATERINA SUITES – The masterpiece of Maeda Corporation Japan in District 2 designed by world-famous architect Kengo Kuma (creator of Olympic Stadium 2020). Japan’s 5-star standard quality, a high-class living place, promises to become the residence of the elite community of Saigon residents.
  • All 98 apartments at Waterina Suite have million-dollar views of the romantic Saigon River.
  • Waterina Suites only has spacious apartments from 136m2 – 220 m2, with Duplex and Penhouse apartments from 300 m2 – 500 m2.
  • With a beautiful location overlooking the Saigon River, highly appreciated by real estate experts.
  • Green living space and security system are absolutely invested, ensuring to serve the needs of householders here
  • Exquisite design in every small detail but still meets the needs, providing full amenities
Photos of WATERINA SUITES apartment

Elite residents enjoy luxurious kodo fragrance service

Recently, Waterina Suites apartment has been equipped with Kodo fragrance system. Accordingly, all halls and corridors are used professional essential oil diffuser systems. The luxurious perfume scent spreads to every corner of the Waterina Suite. The class of the building has made a strong impression and promoted the dream of owning an apartment right for customers as soon as they entered.

Kodo fragrance is a concentrated, pure and high-standard essential oil product. Kodo essential oil is synthesized by perfume creators from more than 50 quality ingredients. The strictly controlled production process ensures fragrance quality. Standard perfume essential oil has 3 distinct scents that blend together to create a unique and impressive scent. In the collection of 1000 premium scents, Waterina Suites apartments have chosen for the elite residents living in the building luxurious, calming fragrance. Wateriana Suites has committed to providing 5-star quality service, the use of kodo essential oil is the perfect choice. Because, kodo fragrance ensures absolute health safety for users over time.

Besides, the kodo essential oil diffuser used in this building is a professional model, with a large diffusion capacity. Modern models operate quietly, without noise. At the same time, the machine uses cold air compression technology, preserving the essence of essential oils, pressing essential oils into super light mist, evenly dispersing everywhere. Waterina Suites are 25 stories high and the podium 3 floors are still covered with fragrance.

Kodo fragrance system installation service – the optimal choice of luxury apartments

The value of an apartment is not only in its prime location but also reflected in the satisfaction of its residents. Entertainment services, security are essential factors. Besides, there is the sophistication of the investor, interested in the atmosphere and fragrance of the building. The fragrance always makes people pleasant, no matter where they go, they want to return to their apartment. For newcomers entering the building for the first time, a good impression is engraved. The value of the luxury apartment complex will be affirmed.

Dcorp Global is the only company in Vietnam that provides prestigious Kodo fragrance installation services. If you need to retrofit the fragrance system for the building, please contact us for advice.

Let KODO provide the highest quality fragrance and fragrance solution and install an essential oil diffuser system that matches your brand!


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