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New arrival!! Kodo launches collection of small bottles of fragrance essential oils – 50ml and 110ml!!

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New arrival!! Kodo launches small collection of fragrant essential oil bottles – 50ml and 110ml!! If you are using 1 Kodo essential oil fragrance, want more scents, this will be your chance to collect and try all different scents. Small capacity is suitable for home use, in small spaces, changing luxurious scents according to emotions! Not only that, incense lines with bactericidal ingredients also have a small capacity.

9 Outstanding Points of Kodo Fragrance Essential Oil

Kodo essential oil is always trusted by scent connoisseurs not only because of the prestigious brand but also because of 9 outstanding advantages, unique to Kodo.

1. Concoctions from the world’s leading perfume creators; Each recipe creates a special aroma. Each fragrance helps you shape your own interesting story;
2. Using high-tech technology, complex synthesis of 60-200 raw material components is still absolutely accurate in terms of preparation rate;
3. The quality of raw materials is carefully selected, ensuring health safety when used for a long time;
4. The production process is carefully supervised, ensuring uniform scent quality;
5. Finished essential oil products have a dense, pure fragrance and meet high standards because they are not diluted by low-quality oils, base oils, water, alcohol, chemicals…
6. The fragrance has 3 distinct scents, spreading and blending, creating unique and impressive scents;
7. Collection of more than 1000 premium and unique scents to choose from; Each business will be consulted to design scents based on the business field to differentiate from competitors and lead the market;
8. Comply with strict regulations and standards on raw materials and ingredient ratios of the World Perfume Association IFRA;
9. Premium essential oil imported 100% from Japan, Singapore, Thailand.

The highlight of Kodo essential oil

Moreover, the Kodo brand has always been loved by customers because
– It is a system that provides essential oil diffusers for all types of businesses, as well as all areas of space. Whether it is a residential or business office of different sizes, the Kodo aroma essential oil diffuser product set also meets the needs. Moreover, superior machine production technology helps save time and optimal costs for businesses. Guaranteed increased customer satisfaction.
– 24/7 fragrance installation service, anytime customers request, Kodo staff also arrange effective processing time. In order to keep the trust of customers, Kodo fragrance solution installation service is more and more optimized to bring customers the best.
– Own a collection of more than 1000 unique scents. Accordingly, when each business needs advice from Kodo to choose the right fragrance essential oil, we are always ready. This huge collection is intended to meet the diversity of each organization’s business sector.
– Prioritize checking the machine every 4 months. Ensure the durability of the machine over time, saving your initial investment cost.

Looking forward to changing the family atmosphere? Want to create a fragrant home that still ensures the safe quality of the air? Do you still have many questions regarding aroma essential oil and Kodo essential oil diffuser? Please contact the Hotline immediately so that we can serve you best!!!


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