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Lemongrass Essential Oil: The Benefits and Uses

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Each essential oil brings its own characteristics in terms of scent as well as health benefits. Kodo lemongrass essential oil is popular with many guests because of its gentle, relaxing scent and has many good health benefits. This fragrance is not only used by housewives in family spaces, but also regularly appears in high-end shops, spas, hotels, resorts. Let’s learn about your uses and benefits through the following article.

Kodo Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass Kodo essential oil is used for many luxurious, modern spaces

Effective deodorizing for fresh spaces

The first use of lemongrass essential oil is to eliminate odors, moldy odors to bring a classy, luxurious and safe living space. You can encounter the refreshing gentle aroma of fresh lemon with a strong lemongrass aroma, stimulating the sense of smell of lemongrass at restaurants, hotels, lounge areas or banquet halls. It is also a great choice to use in car space to help limit unpleasant odors.

Lemongrass essential oil effectively deodorizes any space

Essential oils effectively deodorize any space

You can add essential oils to diffuser sticks, aerosols to enjoy this scent. If you want the best effect, you can use essential oil diffusers in places with ample space.

Lemongrass essential oil has an excellent effect on the skin and hair

Kodo lemongrass essential oil contains a lot of vitamins that are beneficial for skin and hair. Besides, in the composition of the product are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory compounds extracted from nature to help us have healthy, even skin, smooth and voluminous hair. Using the product regularly will limit the causes of inflammatory acne on the skin or itchy scalp, broken hair.

Long-lasting incense on costumes

High-end fashion stores in large shopping malls and shopping centers often install diffuser systems using Kodo lemongrass essential oil to create their own style. The scent lingers in the space, sticking to the outfits if customers visit will make them impressed and deeply remembered. This is also an effective brand identity – every time you smell a scent, customers will immediately remember you.

Lemongrass essential oil helps to retain long-lasting incense on clothes

Essential oils help save incense for a long time on clothes and costumes to make their own mark

Limiting the appearance of insects

Lemongrass contains high levels of citral and geraniol, so it is extremely useful in repelling and limiting the appearance of insects. You will no longer see the silhouettes of ants, cockroaches, mosquito flies,… appears in space thanks to this magical fresh scent.

Use essential oils for public spaces such as hotel lobbies, corridors, tourist areas,… will help raise the level of service. Besides, customers will also feel more secure. What’s more horrible than a “cockroach” in a high-end hotel lounge, right?

Help relax and pleasant spirit

This is the great use that essential oil with lemongrass flavor brings. You can easily see this cool fragrant bass note at spas, treatment centers or wellness. According to research, the scent from lemongrass and lemon has a positive effect on the nervous system, helping the human body relax and refresh.

Use lemongrass essential oil for a relaxing massage

Use essential oils for relaxing massage, blood circulation, improving health

Enjoy high-class service in a luxurious space with dedicated care from the staff with this favorite scent. Customers who are experiencing depression, overthinking will also have a great experience when using Kodo lemongrass essential oil.

Reduce muscle pain, migraine, improve health

If you are suffering from muscle pain, migraines or digestive disorders, Kodo lemongrass essential oil is the perfect treatment. Use the product for massage, bathing will give an instant effect. Essential oils combined with heat from water or massage movements will effectively reduce pain, promote blood circulation and improve many health problems.

Make your own mark on the owner with lemongrass essential oil

If you love the pure aroma of lemon and the warmth of lemongrass, do not hesitate to use a little essential oil on your clothes before going out. This will be a particularly attractive scent, helping the other person always remember you and be impressed forever. The scent not only helps the owner improve his mood but also makes you score points in the eyes of everyone.

Only 100% pure natural essential oil has the above 7 uses like Kodo’s lemongrass essential oil. Kodo’s natural essential oil line has 3 important functions: 1) Absolutely safe for health because 100% natural essence does not mix impurities or cheap mixed oils. Select from good raw materials in the world. 2) Delicate distilled scent, vivid and relaxing like the breath of nature, high quality, uniform every milliliter (because modern factory uses cold extraction technology). 3) Ensure the function of essential oils in terms of air cleaning, bactericidal, insect repellent. 4) Have a certificate of origin.

To maximize the effectiveness of the product, especially in large spaces, then do not forget to install an essential oil diffuser system immediately. Expressing class from the smallest things is the affirmation of the brand position in a subtle way – Let Kodo accompany you to do this.


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