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Kodo Black TF No.5 – Huong Kieu Sa creates class

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Huong arrogant sa creates class

The collection of premium Kodo Black perfume essential oils has 15 scents. Each fragrance has its own style that you can fully enjoy the feeling of being cherished. In particular, TF No.5 perfume essential oil with a haughty rose scent, spreading in the space will create a strong impression of luxury and class for your brand! Let’s find out more details about this classy fragrance with Kodo Vietnam through the article below.

The haughty incense creates class from Kodo Black

Premium Kodo Black perfume essential oil affirms the brand

Roses – The Queen of flowers, a symbol of love! Like a noble girl, always exuding a passionate, seductive scent but full of mysteries and attractions that need to be discovered. When choosing Kodo Black fragrance oil TF No.5, you implicitly show the level of the brand to customers. The products customers shop in stores or consumer services are difficult to touch because they have their own level of value. Your business brand is a combination of sophistication and luxury worthy of serving noble guests. The fragrance of premium Kodo Black perfume essential oil TF No.5 expresses the arrogance of space. Not as complicated as in the market, your brand asserts that customers are served at a higher value than many times the money spent. Using this fragrance, you have implicitly affirmed to guests that when coming to your business brand, it is to come to the place to enjoy the most wonderful and noble giving values.

Premium Kodo Black perfume oil TF No.5 has 3 layers of blended fragrance, creating a very special scent. Specifically, the top tier of this scent is Grapefruit, Lemon, Leaves. The middle tier is Pear, Blackcurrant – Rose, Tuberose – Dry Wood. And the sweet Vanilla end layer.

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Filled with rose fragrance is the perfect choice for shopping centers, resort hotel lobbies, fashion shops, beauty salons, interior showrooms … With an attractive mysterious style, arrogant aristocracy, your business services will be visited regularly by many stylish guests. Once loved, it is hard to forget. Guests who come once will return again. Customers who consume your products will then continue to spend more on them. Because conquering mysteries is everyone’s instinct, owning high-end items is everyone’s desire.

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Kodo is always a prestigious choice

Besides the high-end Kodo Black perfume essential oil, you can also choose Rose & White musk perfume essential oil; or the White Rose of the sumptuous, equally magnificent Kodo. The scent of roses is a scent that is both familiar and strange, feels so close but also feels forever high. That is the feeling that the queen of flowers gives to each person. Because of this feeling, once you love the Kodo fragrance, it is difficult to change.

So if you use Kodo perfume oil regularly, is there any effect? The answer is that Kodo always provides quality essential oils that ensure safety for consumers’ health. All Kodo essential oil products are formulated according to exclusive innovative formulas and, at the same time, meet the quality standards of the World Perfume Association IFRA. Customers are completely assured when consuming Kodo fragrance solution products and services.

Contact Kodo to ensure you have the highest quality, purest imported Kodo perfume oil without adulteration or unknown origin.


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