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Improve sales and retain customer loyalty with fragrance

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Using fragrance properly into your business strategy will help your business raise the next level, provide a meaningful experience for your customers, and give your business momentum.

Let’s find out the value that fragrance brings to your business.

1. Why fragrance?

Fragrance is a shortcut that creates emotional connections and memories

Major brands around the world understand that, in order to enhance their brand value, they don’t just sell products or services. They create a shopping experience for customers through the shopping environment; The sense of smell is the part that helps customers identify and remember that space longer through the brain’s processing to store fragrances connected to emotions and memories.

Fragrance is a shortcut to creating emotional connections.

2. The science of fragrance and its application in marketing strategy

The human olfactory system is a collision of biology and psychology. We perceive scent through at least 1000 receptors. (According to Axel and Buck’s research)

Leveraging fragrance science into fragrance marketing in harnessing the brain’s response to exposure to scents helps communicate intangible emotions and ideas. Fragrance is the bridge between your customers and what you want them to think and feel about your business.

Fragrance is the bridge between your customers and what you want them to feel about your business

3. Fragrance value for businesses

Large businesses choose signature fragrances as part of their style, class, and brand values.

  • Win the hearts of customers by luxurious fragrance.
  • Emotional stimulation of customers’ desire to stay shopping.
  • Help increase customer experience.
  • Create a professional workspace.
  • Build trust with partners with high-class fragrance art.
  • Grow your business and increase revenue.

Businesses choose fragrances that express Style – Class – Brand value

4. How to use fragrance for your business

Choose a fragrance that suits your business.

Analyze brand-appropriate fragrance based on brand style, customer persona, interior style, and business goals.

With 30 years of experience in perfume essential oils and a team of experienced experts, Kodo can advise you on fragrance products suitable for your space and style to raise the level, develop sales and retain customer loyalty.

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