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How does fragrance reveal personality and living space?

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A lot of observations show that the choice of fragrance will say a lot about a person’s style and personality. Scientific research shows that fragrance can affect the sense of smell and connect with the part of the brain that evokes emotions, so the color of our personality is revealed by how we choose fragrance for ourselves and our space. Check out the article Decoding personality through fragrance below to see which personality group you belong to.

Orange, lemon flavor

Citrus notes often appeal to imaginative, creative people with an open personality. They are always energetic to be ready to face challenges and always have the will to improve. According to an Austrian study, citrus fragrance helps reduce fatigue and has the ability to bring about a more positive and calm mental state.

Their home spaces are usually simple with basic colors but still warm and interesting.

Floral scent

The gentle and sweet floral fragrance expresses the sophistication and romance of lovers of this incense group. They love stories or a romantic drama but still have depth, they always believe in sincere love.

They often decorate the home space in a comfortable style with warm, luxurious colors.

Woody/musk incense

Warm notes such as wood / musk express the personality of the type of person “outside cold, in warm”, strong, modern personality but braided inside is extremely warm and sensitive. They make them exude poise, seriousness and practicality.

Their space is often decorated in earthy tones with leather interiors.

Fruit flavor

Lovers of fruit scents are generally quite generous. They enjoy spending time with people and know how to connect with people. They think that life must be colorful and flavorful to be memorable.

Their favorite space will be bright, vivid and energetic colors.

Incense of the sea

Referring to the taste of the sea, we immediately remember the cool breeze and salty taste of salt mixed in the fresh air. Lovers of the taste of the sea must be those who like simplicity and purity with a liberal temperament like the vast ocean, always stretching out their arms to embrace everything in their hearts.

Their living space is often decorated with gentle, rustic colors with a minimalist lifestyle.

Have you chosen your favorite fragrance and lifestyle group? Discover the lifestyle that suits you and contact Kodo for advice on the right fragrance for the style of your space.


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