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Create a space to welcome into the house

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Autumn comes to soothe the blazing heat of the summer sun, the air becomes the coolest and most pleasant of the year with a clear blue sky that makes us feel relaxed and light. So why don’t you bring autumn colors into your home? No need to be too fussy, just a little embellishment with a few furniture items you can create an autumn sound for your space.

Note the color gamut of indoor decoration

Choose cozy and attractive colors by mixing colors found in nature such as ocher color, dark yellow, green, earthy orange … These colors are both reminiscent of autumn space and increase the cozy feeling of your home space.

Choose cozy colors reminiscent of autumn

Replacing curtains

Choose thin, cool curtains to let light and air into the space. It is possible to choose patterns that are reminiscent of autumn.

Choose a patterned curtain pattern, autumn color gamut

Replace carpets and cloth coverings

Your interior features, autumn aesthetic will be reflected in the large accents of the carpet, sofa covering, tablecloth, pillowcase or bed linen. Choosing a synchronous style for these items will increase the air collection for your home space.

Change floor mats, bedding, and fall-style clothing sheets

Choosing wall paintings about autumn

The simplest and gentlest way to create a “retractable” accent without wasting time with wallpaper is to choose to hang autumn-themed paintings or you can paint them yourself in your own style.

Choosing wall paintings about autumn

Bringing retractable nature into the house

Choose typical flowers of autumn such as chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, heathers, wild anemones … Or dry branches, flowers with autumn colors dotted the living room and kitchen, you have seen the faint autumn colors here.

Bringing retractable nature into the house

Create autumn fragrance for the space

Choose scented candles or perfume essential oils for spaces designed specifically for autumn.

Maple Leaf fragrance and Kodo 30LUX pure essential oil diffuser for space

Kodo sends you a romantic, passionate Maple Leaf autumn fragrance like you’re on maple leaf-covered roads in Europe. Perfume essential oil for space Maple Leaf is crafted from more than 60 premium ingredients, part of the Kodo White style fragrance collection.

Pro tips: If you want your fragrance to remain stable in space and control the intensity and duration of activity, combine essential oils with pure essential oil diffusers Kodo 80S or Kodo 30LUX.

With just a little effort and time, you will immediately have the fall-themed home you want. Kodo wishes you success in creating a space to welcome autumn for yourself!


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