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Aromatherapy essential oils for production

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Aromatherapy essential oils are growing and becoming diversified for industries that produce flavored products. So let’s find out why Kodo essential oil meets the right criteria for the manufacturing industry? And which manufacturing industries should use Kodo essential oil?

1. Kodo essential oil has a clear origin

A product made from the heart will bring long-term value to your brand and the credibility of your customers. So find out which essential oil products meet the following conditions:

International standard essential oils

– Clear origin: imported directly from Japan, Singapore, Thailand.

– Health safety: comply with the standards of the international perfume association IFRA.

– High-grade raw materials: essential oils concentrated on 60 ingredients.

– Luxurious fragrance: the art of crafting 3 distinct layers of incense.

2. Essential oil products from a long-standing brand from Japan

5 Premium essential oil characteristics

– Brand over 30 years from Japan.

– Diverse fragrances with a symphony of 1000 incense.

– 2-in-1 fragrance solution: safe and premium.

– Researched by a team of perfumers to create a 3-tier fragrance formula.

3. Diversified sourcing – prestige

Reputable source of aromatherapy essential oils

To ensure exclusivity and brand imprint, Kodo can craft fragrances according to the manufacturer’s wishes.

– Always ensure 3 stable criteria for manufacturers: quality – quantity – reasonable price

– Serving essential oils with specialized recipes for each production industry such as: scented candles, scented candles, incense diffuser sticks, fragrant incense, or perfumes, cosmetics …

Currently, Kodo is providing wholesale prices at the root of international standard aromatherapy essential oils

+ Are you looking for delicate aromatic essential oils to produce products with the most unique scent?

+ Do you need to lower production costs to achieve maximum profit?

+ You want to ensure pure aromatherapy essential oils without doping, with the highest quality officially imported from Japan, Singapore, Thailand?

+ Want to create your own exclusive scent for your own brand?

+ Are you in need of buying small quantities but looking forward to wholesale prices?

+ You need aromatic essential oils with specialized formulas to perfectly produce scented candles, scented candles, incense diffuser sticks, fragrant incense, or perfumes, cosmetics … without having to worry about tinkering with bartending yourself?

Kodo always accompanies manufacturing enterprises. Contact us today


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