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Mercedes-Benz Vietnam MBV showroom

How Mercedes-Benz Vietnam is relying on Kodo fragances to build a memorable shopping experience for its customers

Tinh dầu nước hoa cho showroom

The car industry is a competitive one. Customers do not discern between different dealerships – they only understand brand and products. The fight between brands is also intense, when new models are released yearly. In this crowded scene, it is important for a brand and dealership to standout.

The case of Mercedes-Benz has proven that scent marketing has the power to help customer service, improve brand image and increase sale by inviting customers to stay longer at the showroom.

Why scent marketing is important in car showrooms

The scent of a new car can be overwhelming for many customers, especially first time buyers. The scent of new leather, of car paints can cause nausea in some customers. Not to mention the car may have a lingering smell from its production, such as glue, wax and rubber.

Essential oils can be used to mask these unpleasant smells, as well as creating a relaxing atmosphere for customers to shop longer. The right scent can also trigger the impulse to buy in customers.

The perfect choice for Mercedes-Benz Vietnam

To create a premium image, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has chosen the Kodo White Tea scent, coupled with two industrial-grade Kodo 2100 diffusers. This scent permeates all areas of the showroom.

Scent marketing has worked so well for Mercedes-Benz Vietnam that since 2015, they have started to repeatedly order from Kodo International Fragrances for its pop-up events, fairs and exhibition events. The same scent is used to highlight the brand image of Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, creating familiarity for its customers upon entering any space that Mercedes-Benz Vietnam is associated with.

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