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Share Tea

Did you know? Even tea establishment needs tea fragrances to make its beverages even more appealing. Learn from Share Tea.

Mùi hương tự nhiên tai Share Tea

Did you ever wonder why you always feel like, well, tea upon entering a bubble tea place? It is because of the permeating tea fragrance. This fragrance stem not only from the brewed tea, but also from strategically positioned scent diffusers.

Share Tea Saigon has learnt that to entice its customers to stay longer and promote its services by "check-in" on social media, the brand needs to provide a sweet atmosphere for the customers to socialize. Not only that, but the scent of tea also seems to make the drink that you are consuming much more delicious, and not overpower the drink itself.

Share Tea has created this atmosphere by partnering up with Kodo Vietnam. Although Kodo Vietnam has various tea scents, such as Green Tea or White Tea, Share Tea found its perfect match with Wulong Tea fragrance. Combined with the Kodo diffusers, the Share Tea location is always sweet smelling and appealing to passersby.

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