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Awaken your customers' appetite

  • In the food industry, revenue can be improved considerably by the targeted use of scents. Ultimately, our nose decides what we want to eat.
  • Scents have a direct effect on our limbic system and, by extension, our feelings. Using the powerful tool of scenting will make your products more attractive to customers.
  • Scent marketing has the greatest effect in the sale of food. You can communicate successfully with your target market even at a distance thanks to special fragrances.
  • Whether you run a restaurant, a bakery or a grocery store, Kodo scents can help create an ambience that drive the desire to buy.

The benefits of Kodo essential oils

  • Kodo can create a custom scent for you, to both distinguish your brand from others, while improving sales..
  • Essential oils can also mask other undesirable scents in your store (such as the smell from plastic bags or pet food), to create a better shopping experience.

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