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Office Building

Office Building

A scent which motivates people is an investment that pays for itself

  • The working environment is a decisive factor to your staff's efficiency. Not only the design of the office but also its air quality.
  • Scent has the ability to create an uplifting working environment, reducing stress and improving your staff's energy.
  • Try Kodo essential oils to transform your work space. Essential oils not only refresh and purify the air, but also improve your mood.

How Kodo can help improve your workspace

  • Essential oils can boost concentration, energy and creativity in the workspace. Japanese research shows that citrus scented offices improve the energy in staff, even for the most mundane tasks. This heightened concentration results in 54% less mistakes made (Source: Martin Schiansky “Scent marketing with all senses", page 97)
  • Or, choose a scent that can relax the mood, to reduce stress, prevent arguments and bring about better cooperation. Mint and Lavender essential oils improve efficiency by 15% in Italian companies (Source: Mentzel, "Scent and Marketing", page 22)
  • Essential oils also purifies the atmosphere, kill bacteria, prevent sickness circulating in the air.


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