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How Kodo scents can help you

  • In the business of hospitality, first impression matters. When guests first arrive at your lobby, the scent that they come into contact with, contributes immensely to their overall impression of your establishment.
  • This is because the olfactory sense is one of the oldest senses of human beings. Scents greatly influence our emotions.
  • More and more hotels are using this method to improve their establishment, to create a comfortable environment and increasing customer satisfaction. This lead to better customer retention and thus increased revenue.

Exclusive, custom scents

  • The right scent has the power to reinforce brand message and connect with guests on another level. One recognizable scent is bound to create the most intimate experience and unforgettable stay for a guest.
  • Kodo can offer unique scents according to your preferences, which both help create a more inviting atmosphere to build your brand.

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