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Beauty Salon/Spa

Beauty Salon/Spa

The scent of relaxation

  • A beautiful ambient fragrance is a must for all beauty establishments.
  • Scents contribute to how customers perceive your business. A comfortable environment, with relaxing scents, will improve your customers' experience.
  • Science has proven that essential oils do affect your health and mood. Lavender, rose and jasmine in particular have been proven to help de-stress and sleep. These are important attributes to any spas, salon or beauty boutique. By helping customers associating these positive feelings with your brand, you are improving customer’s satisfaction, loyalty and retention rate.

How Scent Marketing can bring benefits to your beauty salon/spa

  • How do you define your business? Premium, natural, warm or rejuvenating? Kodo has a wide variety of scents to meet your need.
  • Or, create custom scents with Kodo to differentiate your brand from others.


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