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Scent Marketing - the strategy that stimulates customers to spend more

The task of marketers or brand experts is to make sure that when consumers enter the store, they will voluntarily hook up and spend more than intended. They do all sorts of design, music, and promotions. Most recently they thoroughly utilize scents to entice shoppers as much as possible.

Mr. Andreas Herrmann - a Professor at University of St. Gallen (Switzerland), Dr. David E. Sprott - Washington State University, and Manja Zidansek - PhD researcher in Marketing conducted a study and found that “scented stores are more likely to encourage consumers to spend more time in there, therefore, spend more money”.

The study was conducted at three furniture stores, a store without particular scent, a store with a simple scent and one store with a sophisticated scent. During the 18 days, the group used two fragrances, a simple orange scent and a more complex aroma from Orange, Thyme blended with Green Tea and observed over 400 customers.

The results show that consumers tend to spend more than 20% when shopping at a store with a simple scent and even more than 33% at a store with a sophisticated scent.

Scientists have proven that scents can stimulate the human brain to be more focused on making more purchases. The more sophisticated the scent is, the higher the impact is to the human brain.

In addition, experimental work was done at educational environment as well. The results also suggest that using scents in the classroom can stimulate the brain of students - helping them to concentrate better and achieve better results in a shorter period of time.

In conclusion the results of extensive studies prove that scenting makes the difference for retailers all over the world to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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