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What is Scent Marketing?

If you have not yet used scent marketing for your business, you're missing out on potential revenue.

Mùi hương tự nhiên - Kodo Việt Nam

Scent Marketing is a subtle form of marketing, which directs subconscious messages to customers via olfactory methods. This method connects strongest and most deeply with our psyche, our emotions. Upon registering the scents, customers subconsciously associate your products or services with a certain image. A special, custom made scent can also act as a branding factor for your business.

Kodo Vietnam offers comprehensive products and services for your scent marketing needs. From choosing a scent within our library of fragrances. Or custom design your own. And pair the fragrances with state-of-the-art diffusers that allow the scent to permeate throughout the environment most efficiently.

Kodo Vietnam has helped many businesses improve their revenue, brand image, or customer service using our scent marketing services. Contact us now to begin your scent marketing journey.


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