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Samsung Showcase Vietnam

The scent diffuser from Kodo International helps create a luxurious atmosphere at the Samsung Showcase. The Kodo810 diffusers are connected to the air system, which then carries the Kodo Signature No.6 perfume across the whole center. This premium scent charms even the most difficult customer.

Thiết bị tỏa hương thơm Kodo tại Samsung Showcase

With a floor space that measure more than 1,000 m2, Samsung Showcase is located at Bitexco, District 1. One of the first and largest experiential centers of Samsung in Asia. Before launching this center, Samsung has opened only two other similar spaces: one in New York and the other in Frankfurt, which are technological centers of developed countries. 

Showcase is built according to the blueprint of One Samsung Experience (OSE), where visitors can experience everything that the Korean technology giant can offer. This is also the first step for Samsung to introduce smart living to Vietnamese customers. The concept of smart living, with Internet of Things (IoT), can drastically improve the ease of the modern lifestyle.

Samsung also arranges areas for maintenance, repairs for existing customers.


From the entrance, customers are welcomed by high-tech displays. But what they do not realize that they are also enveloped in the Kodo Signature No.6 scent, emitted from the strategically positioned diffusers.

The Kodo diffusers are also positioned in other smart living spaces. From Dream Living room controlled using smartphone. To the Smart kitchen with top-of-the-line Samsung products, which include refrigerator, laundry machines, oven. To the TV display area, featuring gigantic QLED screens, the biggest in Asia. Then the VR simulators, where visitors are welcomed to test the hyper-realistic scenery using surround sounds, sights and motions. Finally, the smartphone section, displaying new models including Samsung Galaxy Noet 9, Samsung A50, Samsung A9...

Families will also feel safe to let their children roam at the Samsung Showcase. Samsung has dedsigned a kid-zone on Level 1. Here, children can access games on tablets, or enjoy console games on curved screen TVs.

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