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Salinda Phu Quoc

When staying at Salinda Phu Quoc, your relaxing stay is enhanced not only by the scenic, quiet nature of Phu Quoc Island, or by the high standard service of Salinda, but also because of the premium scents from Kodo International.

Phải lòng tinh dầu nước hoa thơm phòng Kodo ở Salinda Phu Quoc

The first 5 star resort of Phu Quoc, Salinda Phu Quoc Island Resort and Spa wow at first sight with its modern architecture and service. The perfect choice for family vacation, couples' honeymoon or personal retreat.

The blue sea and golden sand. Beautiful food from renowned chefs. Spectactular sunset on the oceans. Spacious rooms, comfortable and all the more relaxing thanks to premium home scents from Kodo International.

The scent that Salinda has chosen for their premium rooms is sweet, delicate and calming thanks to jasmine, yet fresh from citrus notes. This orchestra of scents is called Jamine & Bergamot Fragrance. A personal choice from the investor of Salinda Phu Quoc, who is a connoisseur when it comes to the art of fragrances.

This mingling scent of sweetness and tartness if perfect for the 5-star atmosphere at Salinda. The scent plays a key part in why Salinda has so quickly earned its reputation as "The best seaside hotel" in 2018 for Vietnam, per Luxury Travel Guide magazine. This award is given only to the best hotels and resorts around the world, based on standards such as service, quality of facilities and guests' ratings.


It is difficult to describe Kodo Jasmine & Bergamot Fragrance in just a few words.

Whether used during the day or night, this room scent brings about an atmosphere for everybody. Though each person will have a different feeling upon coming in contact with the scent, but the overaching feeling always bring about happiness, peace, relaxation with a dash of coziness. A feeling of home. This complex scent is engineered using the best techniques from Kodo International.


Kodo Internation has a library of more than 1000 scents. All are made with depths and complexity, with the intention to bring about the best scents for your living and work space.

Design your own custom scent with Kodo International today!

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