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Sala City

Kodo diffusers help create a natural, fresh atmosphere at Sala City

Hệ Thống Tỏa Mùi Hương Kodo Tại Thành Phố Mới Sala

Sala City is among the newest, most well-developed area of Ho Chi Minh City. High rises surrounded by greenery, create a natural living space. Large, evenly paved roads lined with tall trees creating relaxing shades even on hot days. Water bodies entwined to soothe the eyes. Not to mention the logical, well-planned architecture of the buildings that has made it one of the top luxurious living complexes in Ho Chi Minh City.


So far, Sala City has finished constructing Saroma Villa; Sari Town; Sarica Condominium; Sarina Condominium; Sarimi; and Sadora apartment complex. Together with retail and public dining spaces.

Upon arriving at the entrances, visitors and residents can feel the nature extending indoor, thanks to Kodo Vietnam diffusers and the Kodo Gaysorn Champa Fragrance, which replicate the scent of the greenery around in the most natural way.

After a long day at work, residents come home to this relaxing scent. It is the first step to unwind that Kodo Vietnam wishes to provide for residents.


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