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Saigon Centre Shopping Mall

Saigon Centre draws in customers with a familiar, inviting scent. They achieved this classy atmosphere with a special custom fragrance mix from Kodo International Fragrances.



Since its opening at Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Centre has become the IT place to hangout in the city center. Not only is it the premium shopping mall, it is also the top destination for dining out, relaxing at cafes with friends, and checking in on social media. Saigon Centre is popular with customers of all ages, from families with little children to teenagers.

How is Saigon Centre able to retain customers, prolonging the time they spend at the mall? Not only thanks to its futuristic decoration, the shopping and dining experience, but also with a premium scent.

Creating a custom blend scent for your business

If you are a fan of Jo Malone, you may know of its famous Tuberose Angelica perfume in the Intense Collection. This is the fragrance Saigon Centre has picked to scent its entire public space.

The Tuberose and Angelica essential oil mix from Kodo International Fragrances combine the loud top note from angelica, a sweet middle note from amber, and a relaxing end note from tuberose.

This custom blend is distributed throughout the central air conditioning system. The scent is natural, not overwhelming, but strong enough to increase the desire to buy, and have fun.

Contact Kodo International Fragrances to create a custom-blended essential oil for your business today!

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