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Kodo Black

Kodo Black is the most luxury Collection from Kodo International Fragrances. For each of 15 unique products up to 200 ingredients of the highest quality are carefully crafted to perfection to create this special Collection.

These fragrances will take the scent senses of customers on an exciting journey and add a new level of luxury & extravagance to any environment.

Kodo Black Collection can help businesses to deliver a Customer Experience that will set them apart from their competitors. One of our 15 fragrances will be the right scented solution and add a layer to a unique branding.

This Collection can also transform the most important place for everyone – our homes. The unique fragrances can provide an additional sense of relaxation and improve well-being while spending time in our personal space.

Be it at work or home – the Kodo Black Collection is the right choice for your luxury scented needs.


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