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New arrival !!! Kodo diffuser 1000, high Class, Strong Power, outstanding technology

KODO 1000 is the newest model of Kodo International, with the modern 4G connection and an Atomized head that is 12 times stronger than our old Kodo diffusers. This makes the fragrance mist as thin as possible so that it is light and would be able to float higher, making the fragrance cover the whole store evenly. There will be no need to mix our fragrance oil with anything because our diffuser can be used with the essence oil directly, which makes the scent smell and feel as luxurious as possible. KODO1000, paired with a strong motor, is able to pump the oil quicker and for a longer period of time, it doesn’t use or need a fan like other diffusers. This diffuser is quiet and won’t disturb you and you costumers. Its oil bottle can contain up to 1,000ml so you don’t have to worry about refilling it frequently. You can lock the diffuser with the key that comes with it, to keep the bottle from falling out easily. KODO1000 is completely controlled through our app so you won’t have to walk over to our machine every time you want to change something. Our KODO1000 diffuser is made out of Aluminium so it’s very durable while also having a pleasing look, it comes in two colours: Silver and Black. This makes the KODO1000 a needed product for all businesses.


Size: 148 x 148 x 473mm

Volume: 1000ml

Weight: 3.1kg

Coverage: 400m2 – 1200m3

Power: 5W

Voltage: DC12V

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