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How Kodo International Fragrances bring the power of scent to Vietnam



Kodo International Fragrances was born out of the mission to introduce premium scents to Vietnamese businesses and households. Essential oils and fragrances can lift moods, create optimism, and enhance the quality of life. The name Kodo translates to The Way of Scent in Japanese. This name draws from the ancient Japanese art of using scent.

Scents in general and essential oils in particular have become an integral part of our everyday life. Essential oils are used to relax the mind, improve sleep quality, de-stress after work, beautify your skin, and improve the immune system. Kodo International Fragrances provides high grade essential oils and international standard diffusers to enhance and complement the power of scent in your home and offices.


Kodo production facilities:

Nhà máy sản xuất tinh dầu Kodo

With origins from Japan, using state of the art quality and highly controlled manufacturing procedures, Kodo International Fragrances has a large library of scents and fragrances for all needs. In order to provide maximum quality at minimum cost, as well as matching demand. Many of the most popular scents at Kodo International Fragrances are produced in Thailand.


Kodo Library of Scents:

Kodo leads the Vietnamese market with the most number of scents and fragrances available:

 - More than 100 essential oils


 - More than 1,000 fragrances with different tones, such as warm, cool, earthern, floral, fruity, woody, musky...


 - Kodo also provide original scent mixes, the Kodo Signatures


- Waterless diffusers to minimize essential oil use while perfuming your space more efficiently


- Kodo International Fragrances also has the ability to customize a scent for your need, creating a unique mix for your brand, and providing this under the preferred platform – such as room spray, scented candles, hand soap, amenities package for resorts and hotels...


 The comprehensive scent marketing package for all businesses:

Scientists have proven that the olfactory system is our strongest sense. The human brain is able to perceive and remember a scent, though invisible to the naked eye, for up to 10 or 20 years. Kodo International Fragrances can help you tap into that invisible but powerful knowledge through Scent Marketing.

Our professional consulting team will research, recommend and mix the best scent for your business needs, creating an attractive space for your customers, influencing their desires to purchase and improve their image of you. The results? Improved sales, brand image, better customer relationship and building brand loyalty.

TKodo International Fragrance’s 20 years of business experience speaks high about us, our value, and our loyalty to our partners and clients.



Website: www.kodo.vn

Address in Ho Chi Minh City: 30 Nguyen Quy Canh St., An Phu, District 2.

Phone: (+84) 028 6285 3382

Address in Ha Noi: 8 Trang Thi St, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District.

Phone: (+84) 024 326 69718

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