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Kodo Oriental Charm Fragrance at Qui Restaurant

How to make your customers stay longer and spend more with you? Definitely through an enticing atmosphere, fragranced with a delicious scent. See how they utilized Kodo scents to maximize their profits.


Mùi hương Kodo tại Qui Restaurant

Qui Restaurant is one of the top dining destinations in Ho Chi Minh City where all the most luxurious, over-the-top parties take place. However, to provide a cool environment for diners, Qui Restaurant must provide all services indoor. Thus, like all closed-space dining establishments, it faces problems like permeating food smell, or moldy smells from hard-to-clean corners.

To clean the air, Qui Restaurant has commissioned Kodo Vietnam to install diffusers and provide Qui with an appropriate scent. The solution is Oriental Charm, a fragrance that help de-stress, balance the mind and enhance food flavourings, which invite customers to dine-out longer. Not only that, the essential oil also helps refresh the air, kills bacteria and mask unwanted food odours.

Kodo Oriental Charm is the ubiquitous choice for premium establishments. This warm and subtle scent is a favourite and best-seller at Kodo Vietnam. Whether you operate cinemas, showrooms, fashion boutiques, gyms or restaurants, you will find this scent appropriate for your space.

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