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Kodo essential oil reveals and provides the secret to dealing with 7 dirty surfaces that you frequently touch

You might be thinking, “What are the 7 dirty surfaces that I frequently touch without knowing?” Then let us, Kodo essential oils, tell you the secret solution on how to deal with it: Remember to wash your hands carefully when you come home, after using the bathroom, before and after meals, and after touching the following things.

  1. Bags/purses: You probably never thought about cleaning your bags or purses, however you have brought it everywhere you went, including public bathrooms.
  2. Money: This is one of the dirtiest objects in your everyday life because it has been passed through many people for many generations.
  3. Phones: This is also one of the dirtiest objects in your everyday life and is also a source of transportation for germs.
  4. Remote controls, Telephones, Keyboards, and Computer mouse: You probably never thought about cleaning these as well. Think about it, did you ever eat and use these devices at the same time before?
  5. Facial products/ Cosmetics: Your lipstick, eyeliner, mirror… when did you ever clean these? Did you ever bring your cosmetics into a public bathroom to touch up your make-up before? We’re pretty sure it’s a lot more than just sometimes.
  6. Handles of pushing carts: Can you think of a way to use the pushing carts without touching the handles? When do you think the last time the cleaners cleaned these handles?
  7. Keys: Do you bring these nearly everywhere you go?

Not all germs bring diseases, and obviously we have to live with it anyways. Therefore, all you need to do is wash your hands before and after you eat, and before you touch your face. Kodo essential oils have lots of different oils with anti-bacteria qualities and are safe, high quality, so you can get yourself a small bottle of hand sanitizer to put inside your bag at all times!

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