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Scenting office to freshly start a new week

To make your working environment comfortable, Kodo will provide you with a solution to clear odors inside your office quickly. The office room is a place where many uncomfortable smells are concentrated such as: the smell of food, aircon, mold, paper, sweat, cigarettes… after a while the smell will start to stick to the mosquito net, tables, chairs and soon started to affect yours and your colleagues health as well.

Why exterminating bad smells from your office is important:

Office – a place that is very important to clean and taken care of carefully, to show that your brand is high quality, and also makes sure that the space is comfortable enough for the staff so that they are able to work at their best effort.

Simple ways you can get rid of odors effectively;

Open all doors in morning:

One successful way to get rid of odors if to open all doors. It warms up your office, kills bacteria and gives a way for those stenches to exit through.

Plant lots of trees:

Apart from providing beauty to your office, plants can also improve the quality of the air inside your office.

Cleaning your carpet and air conditioners:

Will help getting rid of bad smells even further, exterminating odor from your carpet and taking out dust from the air conditioner’s filter.

Getting a diffuser:

Besides that, Kodo can equip you with the best possible solution, which is by using one of our diffusers and fragrances. This will make your office smell good and also have clean air, protecting your staff from getting sick.

The generations of diffusers are slowly becoming more advance and also start to look more interesting.

Adding to that, using essence oils inside offices also help the office environment to become more comfortable, it will help the staff to be more energetic, creative, and always show successful results. Kodo will be your best choice for getting rid of unwanted smells.

The luxurious smell from our product will make your office seem more luxurious and high quality. Your customers will also remember your brand for a lot longer only because of their first impression of your brand.

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