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Kodo system used at Intercontinental Saigon: Elegant because of captivating fragrance

Kodo scent system made for hotels, Scent Marketing organic scents is a way to encourage the marketing of strong developing hotels that is already “implied” therefore, many hotels receive an improved success rate. In that list of many hotels, is Intercontinental Saigon.

Reminded of luxurious 5 start hotels at Saigon, all will immediately think of Intercontinental Saigon. Nearly all the customers from the inside and outside of the country who have went to Intercontinental Saigon, want to either come back or share it to other people. Besides the convenient, luxury, high quality service, Intercontinental Saigon is also very high-handed in taking the advantage of Scent Marketing , using scents to lure customers, and make them remember their experience.

The scent system Intercontinental Saigon uses is the natural perfume oil White Tea Fragrance from Kodo Vietnam. White Tea fragrance is captivating and luxurious, graceful but high class, pure and relaxing. This fragrance makes the customers feel like they are in the middle of a relaxing sunrise, making the White Tea fragrance compatible with Intercontinental Saigon’s open environment, flowing with sunlight.

It’s not out-of-nowhere that Intercontinental Saigon has to spend money for Kodo to supply them with fragrances for their environment. It is because they have used science to sway their economy to success, by using fragrances so that their hotel can develop even further and be known across the globe.

Research has shown that, 75% or our daily emotions are triggered by scents. Natural scents have a strong connection to our emotion center even though you can’t see, hear, or touch our emotion system to activate it. Humans can remember a smells having up 65% accuracy after a year, while they can only recall an image with 50% accuracy after three months. This makes fragrances a need for successful marketing.

People say that scents are just scents. Kodo Vietnam says: “Scenting is the next level of marketing.” Hotels/resorts/shopping malls/shops/your brand will have a hard time persuading your customers to think that it is luxurious without equipping fragrances. Let Kodo Vietnam help you complete your brand and make it elegant.

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